Hasbro’s Mike Vogel comments about last week’s Community episode

Many folks have been wondering just how closely Hasbro and Dan Harmon worked together on last week’s “G.I. Jeff” episode of Community, and the answer, apparently is “very closely”. During an interview with IGN, Dan Harmon revealed that he had Hasbro’s permission to go down this road, and Ad Week just posted a short comment from Hasbro’s Mike Vogel, who reiterated that they worked together, and that Hasbro was quite happy with the end result.

Check out the full article on Ad Week, and make sure to check out the G.I. Jeff episode on Hulu.com!


Community’s G.I. Jeff – Was it worth the hype? A GeneralsJoes Review

Over the past several weeks we’ve been inundated with news and reports about the NBC sitcom Community doing a special “G.I. Jeff” animated episode in the spirit of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

Well, I’d say anyone who saw the episode last night would take it one step further… it wasn’t just “in the spirit”, it was designed to essentially BE a G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episode.  Obviously the folks at Community had to get permission from Hasbro to run with this to the degree that they did (check out a great IGN interview with Dan Harmon for some of those tidbits).


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TV Spot posted for Community’s “G.I. Jeff” masterpiece

Yeah, it looks like a masterpiece.  I’m actually pretty stunned at how accurately they are allowed to portray some of these Sunbow items…  we have full blown Rattlers, Skystrikers, HISS Tanks, and even Snake Eyes cruising on a RAM motorcycle!  This is craziness, but only in the best possible way.

Check it out on the NBC Youtube page below:

First real details revealed of Community “G.I. Jeff” episode

Entertainment Weekly has provided the first tidbits of information about the upcoming G.I. Jeff episode of Community, and it’s looking pretty awesome.

According to executive producer Chris McKenna “We do a typical G.I. Joe opening where G.I. Joe is battling Cobra, then something very un-G.I. Joe and something very Community happens, and it becomes this inciting incident that gets our characters in hot water in the G.I. Joe realm.”

McKenna was quite complimentary, saying “[G.I. Joe] was something from our childhood that was very important to us and we had fond memories of it, and we thought it would be a cool way to do another animated episode,”

Some screen shots were shown as well, which I’ve mirrored below.  A pretty neat tribute.  Check out the EW article right here.

Michael Bell doing an AMA on Reddit RIGHT NOW

If you ever had any burning questions to ask Michael Bell, NOW IS THE TIME.  He is doing an AMA on Reddit to support a project his daughter is working on.

You can check out the Reddit AMA right here, and even if you don’t have any questions for him, considering passing along a “thanks” to the original voice of Duke by supporting his daughter Ashley’s project on Indigogo.

So far the thread has already been very insightful!  The full details are below:

I am turning to you to help support my daughter, actress Ashley Bell ( The Last Exorcism, Love and Air Sex, and the just released Sparks), get her documentary Love and Bananas off and running. She went to Cambodia last year to film a short on the rescue of 2 abused captive elephants from a logging camp, and their subsequent release to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary. Once there, she realized a full documentary was needed to present the plight of captive wild elephants as well as the disappearing rain forest, and wildlife in that region. Hence her campaign to raise funds to complete her documentary. I am prepared to answer all of your questions honestly and with I hope some wit.

Here is Ashleys indigogo website, please help us!



NBC’s Community set to air “G.I. Jeff” themed animated episode

The word has been out there for a little while that NBC comedy show Community would be airing an episode based on “G.I. Jeff”, which has some obvious ties to our favorite Real American Hero.

The Community Twitter account even posted an image of G.I. Jeff, which is animated in nature and bears a striking resemblance to a certain First Sergeant.

But wait… it gets better!  According to the Twitter account of Mary MacDonald Lewis, her, Bill Ratner, and Michael Bell all play roles in this animated episode!  They are, of course, the voices of Lady Jaye, Flint, and Duke from the Sunbow series.

No air date has been listed yet, but it certainly sounds like Joe fans are going to want to tune in for this one!


More guests added to 2014 G.I. Joe Convention

Next year’s G.I. Joe Convention in Dallas, Texas is turning into a treasure trove of voice talent as the G.I. Joe Collectors Club added two more guests to their already impressive roster this year.

According to GIJoeCon.com, both Morgan Lofting (Sunbow’s The Baroness) and Michael Richard Dobson (Cobra Commander from Valor Vs. Venom and Spy Troops) will be making an appearance at the Convention next year. They will join Michael Bell (Sunbow’s Duke) and BJ Ward (Sunbow’s Scarlett) for voice talent, as well as former G.I. Joe marketing whiz Kirk Bozigian and Marvel Comics writer Larry Hama.

Keep watching GIJoeCon.com for the latest information on next year’s Convention!

Michael Bell joins BJ Ward as a special guest at 2014 G.I. Joe Convention

In the Convention brochure that was released a couple of days ago, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club revealed that the original voice actress for Scarlett BJ Ward would be attending the G.I. Joe convention in 2014. Well, the Collectors Club revealed today that Scarlett will have Duke by her side in Dallas, Texas!

That’s right, the immortal Michael Bell will be joining BJ Ward as a special guest of the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention in Dallas. Considering how awesome the voice actor reading was last year between Bill Ratner and Mary MacDonald-Lewis, I can only imagine what it will be like this year.

Make sure you keep checking GIJoeCon.com for all of the latest information from the G.I. Joe Convention!


Happy 30th Anniversary Sunbow G.I. Joe!

First and foremost, a big thanks to James McFadden for realizing this information and posting about it over on the Hasslein Books blog. It’s tough to think that it’s really been three decades since the first installment of the MASS Device hit TV screens everywhere.

I was an eight year old kid living in Plymouth, NH at the time and clearly remember those advertisements with Duke vaulting through laser fire and macking on Scarlett about his “green sheets”, and I was forever enthralled. While it would be Larry Hama’s immortal comics in the 80′s that fully captured my G.I. Joe childhood, the spark was ignited by the MASS Device and the Revenge of Cobra, and those two mini-series still stand apart as some of the best examples of 80′s animation in history.

Happy Anniversary to the Sunbow G.I. Joe series! I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that the next generation gets an equal chance to relive G.I. Joe magic through animation some day.