News Recap – Episode 27 of What’s on Joe Mind has been posted

Having just wrapped a couple weeks of longer than usual podcasts, the Whats on Joe Mind crew goes back to it and delivers another episode topping off at about 2 1/2 hours long!  We get back to basics this week as we buckle down and just talk about what you want to hear…  G.I. Joe!

Joining us is Rich from as we tackle tough topics like the G.I. Joe Collectors Club subscription service, new figure reveals, and also dive deep into the most recent round of Q & A’s.

Check it out as always on Podbean, or just listen via the embedded player below:

Fwooshcast Sigma 6 Special Edition #3 has been posted

I am unforgivably late in getting this posted, but Craig has posted the latest installment of the Sigma 6 themed Fwooshcast trilogy!  I join Craig for 4 whopping hours (broken up into three separate episodes) where we explore the Sigma 6 line in depth, and the final part is online at

I had a ton of fun recording these with Craig, and even if you’re not a Sigma 6 fan, I think there are things to enjoy here.

Check it out!

Fwooshcast Sigma 6 special edition Part 2 is online

I mentioned a few days ago that I had teamed up with my old friend Craig from the Fwooshcast to give it a heavy dose of some Sigma 6 love!  We talked about the toyline for so darn long that it had to be broken up into three separate episodes!

Part Two has now been uploaded and you can find it right here.

Relive the “good old days” of 2005 before the times of San Diego ComicCon exclusives, before Hasbro Toy Shop, and before G.I. Joe made the Hollywood leap.  It was a simpler time.  :)

Part 3 is still to come…

The Fwooshcast launches a 3-Part special on “Sigma 6″

A short while ago I had the pleasure of spending an evening recording a massive podcast with my buddy Craig, who is one of the brains behind the “Fwooshcast”, a podcast focused on toys and pop culture hosted over at The Fwoosh.

Craig wanted to spend some time talking about Sigma 6, and since he and I share some real love for that particular toyline, he asked me to talk with him about it, and I couldn’t possibly pass up a chance to talk about Sigma 6.

Little would I know the talk would go on for nearly four hours!

Craig has elected to break it up into a few separate installments, and the first installment is posted right here.  Craig has also spent some time on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast with the rest of us, so he’s got a good G.I. Joe pedigree, and I think the episode is definitely worth a listen.  A pretty in depth look at Sigma 6.

Check it out at the link above, and enjoy!

JoeCon 2011 – Stunning Images from the Hasbro Archives Roundtable!!

When I saw some of those Tweets from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome on Sunday coming out of the Hasbro Archives round table, I immediately wished I was sitting there.  What they were describing sounded too good to be true.

A Resolute style USS Flagg playset?  No way.  Transformers crossovers with Ravage and Omega Supreme?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  And of course, I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 hours trying to find pictures of this event.

Nada.  I’m not really sure why Joe news sites didn’t have folks with cameras in attendance…I would think Joe fans would not just like to see what’s coming, but also what “could have been”.

Well, thankfully, someone out there brought a camera and took some images of the slides shown.  I’m not entirely sure who to give credit to, all I have to go on was a link to this Photobucket Account from Jay over at  If these are your images, please let me know so I can credit you.

For now, though…just take a look at the wonder below.  And weep out loud at your desk at the concepts that never made it past the planning stages.  Yes, I know most of us really didn’t love The Pit…but if it had sold well, there were two Cobra concepts using the Pit base vehicle that just look INSANE.  A HISS Transport and a Mobile Missile Base that make my mouth hang open.  Mauler re-issues (a Joe version and a Cobra “Shredder”), a Sigma freaking 6 OVERKILL.  Sigh.

I suppose I should thank GeneralJoes commenter Crosshair for the info…even if it did make me teary eyed on a Monday morning.  Check out the glorious images below.

EDIT – Images come courtesy of “NightViper” on!  Huge props to him for grabbing these.  Some incredible discussion items here!  Thanks!

Ten Sigma 6 Figures That Should be Resurrected in the PoC Scale and Style

A guest editorial by Monte Williams

The man whom Poe Ghostal once suggested might be the world’s biggest Sigma 6 fan recently made a bold statement: Pursuit of Cobra is a better G.I. Joe series than Sigma 6.

But this in no way means that I’ve lost my love of Sigma 6. And so it was that I asked Justin if I might takeover Generals Joes for a moment—only fitting, since Justin has always been arguably even more enthusiastic about Sigma 6 than I am—to plea for one last shot at glory for the second-greatest toyline of all time.


Ten Sigma 6 Figures That Should be Resurrected in the PoC Scale and Style

Before we begin, I would like to give an Honorable Mention nod to the three most haunting action figures in my personal toy-collecting history:

  • Sigma 6 Short-Fuze (unproduced).
  • Adventure Team Joe Colton (unproduced).
  • Sigma 6 Zanzibar (unproduced).

Anyone who has seen photos of these three figures—and their unproduced plastic peers Scarlett, Wrecking Ball, Wetsuit, and others—can attest to how awesome they are… or would have been, had they seen release. Short-Fuze in particular might be the greatest Sigma-style figure Hasbro ever produced… or opted not to produce, as it turns out.

And a separate Honorable Mention for Zartan, who captured the spirit of the original Real American Hero Zartan figure better than any Anniversary figure.

The rest of this list will be rattled off after the jump…

Continue reading

Yes, even more unseen Sigma 6 artwork… oh hai Scarlett!

A big thanks to GeneralsJoes commentor notpicard for pointing out that the Dynamo Development Labs website I directed folks to a couple of days ago actually has another link on their site which directs to a different site.  This different site apparently belongs to freelance designer Brian Hitmar, who obviously did the design work on a lot of the Sigma 6 product.

This, of course, means he has a bunch of images on his site for concept work that were initially drawn up for the Sigma 6 line…this concept art also includes the never produced Scarlett!

Now, Mr Hitmar requests on his site that his images not be reproduced, so I’m complying with that, and will just link to it.  Trust me, you will love what you see.  Check out his website right here.

A Sigma 6 Smorgasbord at Dynamo Development Website

Wow.  You know, just when I think I might be over the whole Sigma 6 cancellation, something comes up and rubs some dirty, nasty salt right in that ole festering wound, and I cry myself to sleep that night.

I was having a good day today, until Nomad over at JoeDeclassified pointed out Dynamo Labs’ Website.  (The original find was reported by Raptor at  These are the masterminds behind the Xevoz toyline a number of years ago, who then migrated to the Sigma 6 side of the house.  There are tons of great concept images, preproduction sketches, and even some revelations of previously unknown (and obviously unreleased) items.

Now I’m going to go cry.

Check out these fantastic mirrored images below.

Some cool artwork tidbits courtesy of

Well, they’re not posted on themselves, but admin of the site David Thornton has passed along some great links to some cool artwork that’s floating around out there.  First of all, an unused cover to the Marvel Series has appeared on Comic Art Fans.  At one point a cover to issue #79, it was apparently not used for one reason or another, but here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Also, David passes along word of a very cool auction over on Yahoo Japan which features what appears to be some production art for the Sigma 6 animated series.  I know there isn’t much love lost for that particular G.I. Joe themed media, but I still love checking out this behind the scenes stuff!  Take a peek right here.

“Fun with Mechs” – Werecat’s Steel Marauder Squad

When it comes to Mechs and the G.I. Joe universe, I would imagine most folks are either for them or against them.  Either you can accept them into your current universe, or they are simply too futuristic and science fiction for you.

Well, I think it’s safe to say Werecat of JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines accepts them.  In fact, using the Steel Marauder as well as the awesome Sigma 6 Iron Hammer, he has built a squad of mechs, each utilizing some different weaponry with some different specialties.  There are some really awesome combinations here!

Check out the original thread on JoeBattleLines, and I’ve also mirrored some images below.  I loved the Mechs anyway, but seeing this squad of them makes them even cooler…some great ideas here.