25th Anniversary Vehicle Reviews – Wave 3

GeneralsJoes is continuing to work with YoJoe in providing all of the reviews you’ve come to expect from me.  Wave 3 of the vehicles have been posted on YoJoe this past weekend:

25th Anniversary Vehicle Reviews – Wave 2

Well, kind of.  I have no intention of picking up the Shark Tooth, but as part of my YoJoe partnership, I’ve reviewed the new Firebat over there.  Same quality, same pics, just a different spot.  ;)

  1. Firebat w/ A.V.A.C.

25th Anniversary Vehicle reviews – Wave 1

Another one from the “better late than never” archives.  I finally wrapped up reviews for the first wave of Anniversary vehicles, and have them posted.

  1. Armadillo Vs. Air Chariot w/ Steeler and Serpentor
  2. RAM Vs. COBRA Flight Pod w/ Breaker and Tele-Viper
  3. G.I. Joe VAMP w/ Clutch
  4. COBRA HISS w/ HISS Driver Commander