GeneralsJoes and Mysterious Stranger team up on Sideshow Cobra Viper review

I have unfortunately been sitting on this figure and this review for quite a while as other things just continued to come up in the world of G.I. Joe.  But with Sideshow Collectibles letting out rumors that they would be revealing a potential new G.I. Joe item this week, I thought it was a good time to get this review posted!

I was already working on a Cobra Viper review myself when Mysterious Stranger sent his in to me, so I figured we’d do the best of both worlds and just team up on the thing.  We each provided images, we each provided text, and the end result can be found in my Sideshow Collectibles review category and also at the link below.  Enjoy!

Guest Review – Sideshow Collectibles Rock n Roll by Mysterious Stranger

Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned many times in the past a majority of the Sideshow Collectibles’ offerings are simply out of my price range.  Thankfully I have some good friends who devote some serious money and time to the Sideshow line and eagerly provide me with reviews for the site.

This makes me very happy.

The unique thing in this case is that long time friend of GeneralsJoes Mysterious Stranger has been a huge fan of Sideshow’s offerings and also claims Rock n Roll as his all time favorite G.I. Joe character.  So posting his review here only makes sense.  Check it out in the Sideshow Collectibles Reviews category, or the direct link below.

And posting this makes me realize that I really need to dedicate a specific page to Sideshow reviews and not just the category.  They need to be easier to find.

Guest Review – Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Rock N Roll

Big props to GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Chad Lawless who has come through in a big way and sent along a very thorough review of the recently released Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Rock N Roll.  Featuring a set of new muscular arms, some fantastic accessories, and a great design, Rock N Roll is a terrific addition to the Sideshow Collectibles’ G.I. Joe team.

Check out the link below to see this great guest review, and  follow Chad Lawless on Twitter for more G.I. Joe insight as it happens.

Sideshow Collectibles Desert Weapons Cache w/ Sandstorm Reviewed!

GeneralsJoes guest reviewer Mysterious Stranger is at it again!  Along with the 12″ Sideshow Collectibles figures, he is also covering the 12″ environments.  Already reviewing the Cobra Throne, he now turns to the Desert Weapons Cache, which comes with Dusty’s infamous coyote, Sandstorm.

Check out the review right here, and as always a huge thanks to Chris for helping me with these!  Good stuff.

GeneralsJoes guest review – Sideshow Collectibles General Hawk

As usual, I owe Mysterious Stranger a big thanks (and a beer in New Orleans if he’s there)…  Chris is always right on top of the latest Sideshow Collectibles items in a way I only wish I could be, and he donates his time and effort into getting these reviews done for GeneralsJoes.

Next up in line is an excellent review of the 12″ General Hawk!

Check out his great review and images right here.  Thanks again, Chris, you rock!

General Hawk 12-inch Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Review

It’s Sideshow Collectibles day!

Hot on the heels of Chad Lawless’ excellent Snake Eyes Polystone statue the always awesome Mysterious Stranger reminded me of another review (combination review at that!) that I hadn’t had a chance to get posted yet.

The Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper are two similar offerings that Stranger elected to review in one joint review, and it’s another great one!

Check out this latest review right here and again a big thanks to those folks who choose to pitch in with reviews on the site.  I am endlessly grateful.

Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone Statue Guest Review

I’ve been on record for a while praising the great items we’ve been getting from Sideshow Collectibles, yet I also must lament the fact that much of it is a bit out of my budget.  Thankfully folks like Mysterious Stranger have come through and pitched in with reviews, and now, faithful Twitter friend and GeneralsJoes reader Chad Lawless comes through and supplies GeneralsJoes with an extensive and amazing review of the Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone statue.

I’m not much of a statuary kind of guy, but man… Chad’s review has almost changed my mind.  Holy crap this thing looks amazing.

Check out his excellent review right here, and if you like it, hit up the banner below to buy your own!

Thanks again, Chad!  If you like what you read here, make sure to follow Chad on Twitter to keep up to date with his Joe opinions!

Snake Eyes and Timber Statue Sideshow Exclusive Version

GeneralsJoes Contributor reviews Sideshow Collectibles Red Ninja!

Okay, first of all, props to Mysterious Stranger for sending me this review…  like months ago.  :shifty:

Then double props to him for asking me about it a couple of weeks ago.  :shifty: :shifty:

And now, triple props to him for reminding me today that it still wasn’t posted, and that I had promised a review to folks today.  Killing two birds with one stone!  Anyway, Mysterious Stranger is always the man when it comes to Sideshow Collectibles reviews, and I’m psyched that he does them for the site…even if I forget to post them for a few months.

Check it out below:

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Flint Guest Review

While my own Sideshow purchases have been temporarily shelved due to diminishing toy budget, frequent GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger is pitching in!  He has generously donated his time and effort and I have a review posted for Flint in the Sideshow Collectibles section.  Hit up the link below to go direct.

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Beachhead!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been treated to some great pre-orders on upcoming Sideshow releases…but how about some current stuff that is pretty damn good in its own right?

Sideshow Collectibles currently has Beachhead figures on wait list, and I have posted a review for this excellent figure right here!  Check it out!

Beachhead 12-inch Figure