GeneralsJoes Reviews Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 6!

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally gathered together my thoughts for the sixth series of Marauder “Gun Runners” fantastic weapons and accessories.  From standard assault rifles to a plethora of modular accessories, grips, and scopes, Series 6 of Marauder’s offerings is simply fantastic.

Check out the full review in my Marauder “Gun Runners” section, or at the direct link below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Shout! G.I. Joe: Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 DVD

Hot off the presses, this 2-disc DVD set is being released to the masses today, and GeneralsJoes has your review right now!  As a self-professed G.I. Joe: Renegades fanatic, I was quite excited for one of my favorite animated series to finally see DVD release, even if it’s only the first half of the first season.

Check out the review of this great series at the link below!

GeneralsJoes reviews Transformers: Prime Season 1 on Blu-Ray

No, it’s not a review of the as yet non-existent G.I. Joe: Renegades Season 1, which makes me a very sad panda.  But Transformers: Prime is a pretty darn good series in its own right, and seeing this action-packed animation in Blu-Ray quality is a sight to behold!

I had a chance to check this full season out extensively, and I can say it’s better than watching it the first time around, especially if you don’t have The Hub in HD (I don’t).

Check out my review of Season One of Transformers: Prime at the link below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Shout! Factory G.I. Joe Series 2 Season 1

Rejoice, G.I. Joe fans!  DiC has arrived!

Yes, the infamous DiC series of G.I. Joe animation is widely panned from a critical perspective, and doesn’t match up with the Sunbow stuff, but the fact remains those of us who are long time Joe fans have been without a reliable source of DiC animation ever since it debuted.  And yes, even though it has its share of quirks, there is some indelible charm with DiC’s offerings, even if it’s just smiling at all the 90’s characters who fans have rarely seen on their TV screens.

Well, Shout! Factory has now released Season 1 from the DiC era and it is marvelously goofy.  I’m not sure what’s better, watching Sandstorm knock over a rock mountain that takes out a Desert Scorpion, or later in that episode, watching Sandstorm again hang-gliding from the roof of a Cobra castle.

Yes, Sandstorm as in Dusty’s coyote.


Check out my review of the DiC Season 1 DVD set right here.  Priced very affordably at $19.99, it’s worth your time, goofy or not.


GeneralsJoes Reviews Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD

What’s this?  A Transformers review on a G.I. Joe site?  Gary from What’s on Joe Mind would be appalled.

Truth be told, as much as I ranted on and on about the wonder that is G.I. Joe: Renegades, The Hub has also brought a great Transformers animated series to existence as well in the form of Transformers Prime.  With some great production values, an awesome voice cast, and some impressive animation, the first 5-part series of Transformers Prime has been assembled as one feature length animated movie!

Priced at $14.97 it’s a great deal, and even includes some special content.  To see the full review click the link below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Shout! Factory Beast Wars Complete Series

And now for something completely different…

While I’m certainly not a diehard Transformers fan, for a few years during a time when G.I. Joe was not at mainstream retail, I lived, ate, and breathed Beast Wars.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Rhino releases when they hit retail a few years back, but knowing the quality of Shout Factory’s work, I had to get this set in my hands, too.

The end result was a fantastic trip down memory lane and only further reinforcement of just how great the Beast Wars animated series is.  The review is posted in the Miscellaneous section, and can also be found directly below:

GeneralsJoes reviews the RAHC Reference Guide

Good afternoon, Joefans!

In another little celebration of the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention starting today in Orlando, Florida, I am reviewing the RAHC Guide by James Kavanaugh, JR.  I had the distinct pleasure to work on the Forward of this book for James, and have been with him every step of the way during production of this impressive tome.

This is a reference guide for the Second Generation of O-Ring G.I. Joe figures, including 1997 – 2007 and covering everything from Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom to Built To Rule and the Collectors’ Club exclusives.

Trust me when I say this book is impressive.  What he does with the accessories especially totally blows me away.  Check out my full review RIGHT HERE!  Then track down James on the Convention floor and buy the book for yourself, it’s on sale this weekend!

Yo Joe!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Beachhead!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been treated to some great pre-orders on upcoming Sideshow releases…but how about some current stuff that is pretty damn good in its own right?

Sideshow Collectibles currently has Beachhead figures on wait list, and I have posted a review for this excellent figure right here!  Check it out!

Beachhead 12-inch Figure

GeneralsJoes Reviews Totally Tubular 80’s Toys by Mark Bellomo

Most G.I. Joe fans who have been around know the name Mark Bellomo.  Long time G.I. Joe fan, toy authority, and writer of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe Volume 1 and the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe: Volume 2, Mr. Bellomo has been around the block for a long time, and is about as well educated a toy guy as I’ve met in my decades within this industry.

As such, whenever he’s producing a new volume, I always pay close attention.  This time around, he chose not to focus on a singular toyline and instead broadened his attention to an entire decade, working with Krause Publications to release Totally Tubular Toys of the 80’s.

I’ve gotten my hands on this fine new book, and I’ve posted a review for it right here.  Trust me, if you’re a child of the 80’s, you want this book.  If you know a child of the 80’s, you want this book.  If you just like the toys from the 80’s, you want this book.  A terrific read that manages to go above and beyond mere toys, and really look at the entire commercial structure of our favorite decade.

Check out the review here.

And if you like the looks of the book, keep your eyes peeled to GeneralsJoes this week, as I’ll be interviewing the author Mark Bellomo and posting it later this week.  He’s a smart guy who knows the industry well, and always has some great insight.  It’ll be a must read, I guarantee it.

GeneralsJoes Reviews SmallJoes new Figure Stands!

So, yeah, those 25th Anniversary stands are cool and all, with the names plastered on ’em.  But how useful are they really?  With that funky tiered shape, and a pretty small area for actual feet to be placed, I’ve had my share of frustration with them.  But SmallJoes is to the rescue!

With a couple of decades of experience with figure stands, the SmallJoes guys have engineered a nicely sized, well balanced, and 4-pegged figure stand (in black and clear!) to use with most modern era action figures, including G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, and others.  They were kind enough to send me a nice sampling, and I have reviewed them right here.

Short answer?  They’re great.  They’re the same size and overall shape as the G.I. Joe ones, yet manage to cram in a lot more flexibility and functionality.  Can’t go wrong.