G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals box design for 2015 Convention Set

Sometimes I miss the years where we got actual artwork…  but the tiger print does look neat.  First revealed on the GIJoeCon Facebook Page, check out the image mirrored below.


Carded image of G.I. Joe Collectors Club Arctic Dr. Mindbender

Expected to be available at the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention, the Collectors Club has revealed the first image of Arctic Dr. Mindbender on a classic themed card. Looks pretty great, I gotta say.

Check out the image below, or over on Facebook.com


Boss Fight Studio reveals 2015 G.I. Joe Convention Plans

Over on the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page, the folks from BFS talk a bit about what to expect at their booth at the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention in Springfield, IL…and it sounds like there will be some exciting stuff to look forward to.

According to Boss Fight Studio, we’ll be seeing Virtuvian HACKS and Marauder Task Force figures on display (not for purchase), the first images of some upcoming Eagle Force product (Kickstarter incoming), and… for the first time ever… the Skeleton!

Check out the update below, and over on Facebook.


PHEW!! Joe Con is right around the corner! Boss Fight is honored once again to have served as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club weapon of choice in bringing new characters and sculpts to the modern era. Working with the Club’s concepts and ideas, BFS was happy to help bring five figures to the 2015 line up. The Club/BFS team worked on all the builds and designs together to bring you the best figures possible. Tiger Force Stalker, General Mayhem, Iron Anvil, & Metal Head from the exclusive Convention Set and Arctic Dr. Mindbender from the Club Membership exclusive.

So if your asking yourself “What am I doing April 9th – 12th?” The answer is that you’re coming to Joe Con in Springfield Illinois! Amongst the celebration of all things GI Joe…we’ll be there talking about toy design and showing off our upcoming Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line. Come see the Marauder Task Force figures (From Marauder “Gun-Runners”), Original Sculpts, V-H.A.C.K.S. series 2, and the debut of Eagle Force! We’ll also be doing sketches and selling T-Shirts and Buttons.

Also for the first time ever…


G.I. Joe Convention Metalhead digital head sculpt

As the wait for G.I. Joe Convention registration hits a tipping point, the G.I. Joe Convention Facebook Page has posted a new image of the head sculpt for the upcoming Metalhead!

As one might expect from Boss Fight Studios, the head is really fantastic.  Lots of detail, and I love the sculpted crosshairs in the goggles.  Great, great stuff.  Check out the image below and brace yourself for registration.


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Hit & Run and Alpine

It feels like it’s been a long road to get to this point, but a few days ago, I finally got the Figure Subscription Service Hit & Run in my hot little hands! A figure first uncovered during the Concept Case reveal now almost three years ago. It’s gone through many changes and different iterations since then, but I’m happy to say most of the great things about that figure remain intact.

Not all, but most.

Check out the G.I. Joe Collectors Club review page or click the links below to read my thoughts on both Hit & Run and Alpine! You might be surprised which one gets a higher rank.

  1. Hit & Run
  2. Alpine

gijcc-fss-alpine (8)

Be ready – G.I. Joe Convention Registration is happening today

We were told it would be either yesterday or today that we should expect registration to be available for the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention.  Well, looks like today is the day.  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club sent out an e-mail update overnight:

Hello everyone,

As we prepare for tomorrow’s registration.  Just a few additional notes:

Please note that there are NO non-member options this year (even though it’s in the brochure, the backup solution won’t support this).   Everyone will have to be a member of the Club in order to register for the Attending or Non-Attending packages.  Exhibitors, you will only need to be a member to register for packages.  Booths and Tables do not require a membership.  If you are not a member, you will be able to join at the same time. 

There will be 2 different sites.  One will be for the Registered Packages.  The other will be just for the Exhibitors to register for their booths.  Exhibitors, if you want convention packages as well, you will need to use both sites.  For the booths and tables, there are no worries as we have enough space to accommodate everyone that needs an Exhibitor package.  The Exhibitor site may not come up at the same time as the Registered Attendee site. 

Please ensure that you go slowly and pick the correct items. The only way we will be able to make changes for you is to cancel your registration and let you start over.  This is a limitation of the software.  Again, the software will let you break every rule as there is no way for it to limit anything.  However, as stated yesterday and earlier today, we will be reviewing every registration before we approve it.  Tomorrow’s instructions will tell you how you can tell if you have been approved as there is no way to send you an approval email.  There is no need to call or email us until after Friday if you have not seen your registration approved.  You will be able to tell this by logging back in.  This system will take us longer than normal to check so for tomorrow’s registrations it may take as long as 3+ days to review them all.

Attending registration will only be available for 5 days.  It will be turned off on Sunday night around 7pm Central Time. 

Non attending:  We will get to you next week.  We are holding back an allotment of boxed sets and some loose sets for you as well so there will be some available.  Please note that most of these items are allocated to the attending members.   If there is anything left after the convention, it will go in the club store.  Because of the dock workers slow down and the back-up in China, we will not ship the non-attending sets to you until June.

Again from yesterday:

Unfortunately the backup solution doesn’t have total flexibility to edit registration mistakes as it is half computer and half manual.  Therefore, please read the brochure again.  Go slowly during the registration process, and please DON”T pick the wrong items that are not allowed per the brochure.  We will review and approve or disapprove each registration.  The only option we have for errors is to delete the registration and let you start over, which could cause a supply issue if someone else gets the item before you re-register.

Just a quick note on some of the rules:
Golden Ticket packages can only have 1 GT Aide with them.
Golden Ticket packages can order the other boxed sets as well if they want more than one boxed set.
American Hero and/or General’s packages can have up to 4 aides.
For the 3 3/4″ loose sets, you are only allowed one loose figure set per boxed set.
Don’t pick the Thursday Class and the Thursday Walking Tour as you can’t be in 2 paces at the same time.
Please make sure you put in the proper field (on the registration) all of the package holder’s name(s) and which package they are assigned to.
The software doesn’t know any of these rules, so it’s up to you to follow them (as we do know the rules).

Thanks for your patience and we apologize for any issues the delay has caused you. 


G.I. Joe Convention General Mayhem head and vest digital sculpts

So, the day has gone by and unfortunately Convention registration did not occur, but the G.I. Joe Collectors Club did share some fantastic digital sculpts with us for the upcoming JoeCon General Mayhem.

Expertly crafted by the wonderful guys and girls at Boss Fight Studio, General Mayhem’s looking really sharp, and my mind is going crazy just thinking about all the different ways that secondary could be used…  man, we could get a whole secret cabal of the Jugglers!

Check out the two images below and hang tight for registration, it’s coming!

MSNBC investigates the Springfield/Cobra Commander connection

The now infamous image of Springfield, IL mayor J. Michael Houston giving the nefarious Cobra Commander the key to the city has been propagated to all corners of the Internet world at this point, but I gotta give MSNBC props for taking it at least one step further.

They actually reached out to Houston to inquire as to why he’d be fraternizing with known terrorists and actually spoke with the Commander himself.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Check it out at YouTube below, and if you want to see what the fuss is all about first hand, go to GIJoeCon.com and plan your trip to Springfield for the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention!

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club’s Doctor will see you now… if you sign up!

Just a reminder that for folks who want their own arctic Dr. Mindbender, the deadline to sign up for the G.I. Joe Collectors Club is next week!

Check the email below for all the details.

“Hello everyone!

Please note that Monday at 5pm is the cut off date for receiving this year’s free figure.  Please tell all your friends that if they want Dr. Mindbender or Dr. Isotope, they better join by Monday at the Club Store!  You can view the two figures in their forums at GIJoeClub.com.

If you want to check which one your have chosen, log in at the above store link and go to My Account. At the top of that page click on Customer Contact Info and the choice drop down for 12″ or 3 3/4″ is toward the bottom of the page.

Also, if you have your latest issue’s envelope, your figure choice size should be above your name.

Make your selection by Monday at 5 pm, and we will ship your figure in the late spring.

Thanks for your support!



More than just a key to the city – COBRA IS EVERYWHERE!

Somehow, some way, Cobra Commander wormed his way into the Mayor of Springfield Illinois’ good graces…  now will the mayor regret it?

Video proof has emerged…  Cobra is EVERYWHERE.

Where is this all going?  Find out more at GIJoeCon.com!