Incredible G.I. Joe: Battleground art featured on Instagram

I think most of us can agree that by far the best part about the mobile card battle game G.I. Joe: Battleground was the artwork, right?

Well, if you enjoyed that part of the game like I did, you’re going to want to head on over to Jarreau Wimberly’s Instagram page, as he’s revealing his artwork for the game at gorgeous high resolution. Some of these pieces are just spectacular.

There are over 50 of them already, and he’s revealing more every day!

Check out his Instagram Page here and revel in the beauty of your favorite characters in his awesome artistic style.

Thanks to Twitziller for the heads up as always.


Top 10 G.I. Joe Stories of 2014

I set out to write this article, and was immediately surprised by the fact that there was actually some stuff happening with the G.I. Joe brand in 2014.  I know the fandom is eager to jump and say that G.I. Joe was high and dry in this momentous year, and from a practical perspective, it was, but even so, there were lots of things happening this year worth exploring.  Not on any grand scale, however.

I suppose that’s a commentary on the state of G.I. Joe these days, where it remains somewhat relevant, but just barely.  And one is forced to ask what’s worse? Being totally irrelevant, or being just relevant enough to cling around, but not relevant enough to try and push harder.  It’s like the brand is stuck in this murky middle ground where it’s got the slightest hint of popularity enough for Hasbro to keep it hanging on, but not enough to get a real push.  Yet, until it fades away completely, it likely won’t get a full rejuvination either.

All that being said, there were still some discussion points throughout 2014, and here are my top 10.  I’m going to try very hard to maintain a sense of positivity and optimism, because dammit I still love G.I. Joe, even if the rest of the world currently couldn’t give a crap. 

Check out the list after the break.

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What’s On Joe Mind Episode 98 Mammoth 3 Hour Episode is online!

The way episodes have been posted lately means that a somewhat larger gap happens between them, which actually has the benefit of giving us more to talk about. For episode 98 we come close to our self imposed three hour limit, but it’s tough to say that any of the discussion was extraneous. We talk to good friend of WOJM Bill Ratner about his latest adventures, and he never fails to entertain. There’s some great discussion about regional events as well, encompassing lots of real estate from Iowa all the way to Southampton, UK… wherever there’s trouble, WOJM is there!

Of course we also talk about latest rumors of a 6″ G.I. Joe line and get back to basics about what G.I. Joe means to us. Lots of stuff crammed into that three hours, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Check out the latest episode at or embedded below and show notes are after the jump.

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The Battle is over – DeNA closes the door on G.I. Joe: Battleground

It seemed like for a while, it was all about G.I. Joe: Battleground. When the mobile game first launched, I was absolutely hooked, and played solidly for several months. After a while the brutal non-stop Events, the money it would eventually seem to require to stay on top of it wore me down, but I continued to follow the progress, if only to remain hooked on any new artwork that would emerge. To me, the art was always the selling point. Spectacular painted artwork of characters from the mainstream to the obscure were always the best parts of the game updates and the new events.

It’s a shame that appears to be going away.

Mobage posted an update to the G.I. Joe: Battleground game tonight essentially bidding farewell to the game and posting a very heartfelt “good bye”. It seems a shame, because any time less exposure is out there for G.I. Joe it’s a bad thing, but also because even though I no longer played, I still was very much paying attention to any new artwork that emerged.

What’s a little odd about this is the sense of regret that the announcement is written in. It almost seems as if this wasn’t their decision… could it be at all connected to Hasbro’s deal with Backflip Studios? Granted that deal was made public almost 18 months ago, but…

I’m sorry to see it go. Check out the images below and sound off… did you still play it? What did you think of the art?

Thanks to James Kavanaugh, Jr. over on the G.I. Joe Discussion Group for breaking the news.

Interview with the lead artist for Mobage’s G.I. Joe: Battleground

It’s way too easy to get sucked into the world of G.I. Joe: Battleground. I speak from experience. When the game was first released, I jumped in with both feet and I was captivated for several months. Upgrading cards, pushing myself through events trying to get better cards, more intricate art, and higher ranks.

Eventually, I had to force myself to just step away, but I still am fascinated and intrigued by the fantastic artwork throughout the game, especially with the upper level cards. Over on the Mobage Blog, they’ve posted a terrific Q & A with Zhen Pan, the lead artist for G.I. Joe: Battleground. While he doesn’t do so much of the art chores himself at this point, he oversees the artists involved and also works on the animations and other design aspects. Since that is one of the huge highlights of the game, I thought this interview was great.

Check out the Q & A right here, and I’ve mirrored some great images from the Q & A below.

G.I. Joe: Battleground’s latest Operation: Takedown Event is live!

I know my coverage of the G.I. Joe: Battleground online game has been somewhat spotty, and I apologize for that. The latest Operation: Takedown event has just gone live, featuring some great new cards with Ripcord, Hydro Viper, Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes, and Super Trooper!!

Inside WarSim, the attack on entrenched Cobra forces in Nanzhao continues.

Can G.I.JOE strike a blow in Cobra’s burgeoning new power base, or will their thirst for vengeance after the loss of so many agents cause them to make a fatal misstep? With the new Cobra Commander gunning for them personally, the body count is sure to rise! But the Joes are undeterred, and elite agents Rip Cord, Heavy Duty, and Super Trooper take on the growing Cobra threat while the world’s greatest ninjas fly inexorably towards each other on a collision course years in the making! Who can say which Arashikage will be left standing after the dust settles on the Nanzhao Showdown, the exciting Takedown event on now!

Even cooler than this, though, is the current “Invite” card which is Agent Faces! I think it’s been that way for a little while, but I missed it until now. I love that the Spy Troops Agent Faces is the 1 star card and it can be promoted to the Agent Faces in Crimson Guard disguise. Fantastic.

Hit up to download the latest version of the app for Android or IOS and prepare for the next Operation: Takedown!

G.I. Joe: Battleground Event “The Serpent Writhes”!

The Joes, shaken by the events simulated (or, perhaps, foreseen) by WarSim, have no choice but to once again enter Mainframe’s ultimate training simulator. This time, they find themselves in a newly-rebuilt Pit, but the moment they “arrive” the alarms go off—Cobra is attacking!

Under the cover of a full-scale frontal assault, Zartan and Storm Shadow infiltrate the Pit and wreak absolute havoc! Their goal is anyone’s guess, but as Zartan impersonates a seemingly endless parade of friends-turned-enemies, Storm Shadow makes his steady, deadly way towards their objective…

Can G.I. JOE’s best operatives—bolstered by Elite agents Dojo, Firewall, and Helix—repel the Cobra attack? What could cause The Enemy to mount such a bold attack on the headquarters of their greatest foes? Find out what happens when “The Serpent Writhes,” the exciting Takedown Event on now!


G.I. Joe: Battleground finishes off Arise Maximus Arise Trilogy!

This has been a really fun sounding series of events as G.I. Joe: Battleground launches Arise, Maximus Arise Part 3! Any event that dabbles in the Valor Vs. Venom universe is all good in my eyes!

Emboldened by their recent victories under the powerful V-troop overlord, and goaded by a meddling Cobra Commander who sees profit in chaos, prominent Cobra agents launch terror operations across the globe! A bruised-but-unbeaten G.I. JOE team races to meet them, but are any Joes capable of dealing with the impressive first-strike and combat capabilities of Cobra’s Supreme Ninja Master, the Night Creeper Leader? And how can you fight an assassin who can take the form of your own allies…? Zarana is out there…

Battle it out in the exciting conclusion to the three-part “Arise, Maximus, Arise” event series with today’s Global Warfare event, on now!


G.I. Joe: Battleground “Arise Maximus Arise Part II” is live!

I’ve been woefully behind the eight ball in getting these Battleground updates posted, but I happened to see it come through tonight, and saw that the focus for this latest event is Valor Vs. Venom! That’s something I can definitely get behind. Check out the details of the latest event below.

Deep in the Terror Drome labs, Dr. Mindbender holds General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy prisoner—a subject of Mindbender’s torturous, venom-fuelled evilution program, and the basis for his ultimate creation…

Desperate to save his General, Beachhead leads a contingent of G.I. JOE Troopers against the Enemy’s HQ, but Cobra’s army of V-troop Swamp Rats, not to mention Zandar and Scrap-Iron, stand in their way. Will the Joes reach Mindbender’s labs in time, or will the mad doctor’s vision of the supreme V-troop overlord be realized? You don’t want to miss the reward cards in this exciting Takedown event, Arise, Maximus, Arise (Part 2), on now!


New G.I. Joe: Battlegound Event Family Matters is live!

The next G.I. Joe: Battleground event is now live! While I love the artwork they chose, it’s interesting that they reference Franklin Talltree in the text, but the art is actually for the Sky Patrol version of the character, who is not Franklin Talltree. Hrmmm…

Cobra has been quietly abducting people with psychic potential, indoctrinating them with their venomous methodologies, empowering them with their psi-amplifiers, and controlling them with their neural disruptors. This burgeoning army of psions can change the very fabric of reality, but Cobra makes one fatal mistake—they abduct Tommy Talltree, the brother of Franklin Talltree, AKA Airborne. The Joes launch a world-wide search for their missing brethren, and Global Warfare erupts!

Can the rock-solid-but-conventional weaponry of the G.I. JOE Steel Brigade contend with brainwashed psychic soldiers? Is Airborne’s helicopter chaingun a match for Cesspool, the toxic CEO? Find out in “Mind Over Family Matters,” the exciting Global Warfare event launching today!

Please note that Global Warfare has changed!

* It is now a five-day event! As a result…
* The group schedule (for possible demotions and promotions) has changed! See the schedule below!
* The best event points (and the greatest challenges) will be found in all win-streak battles that are multiples of 3 (battle 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on)!
* Retreating from a map NO LONGER resets your win-streak to zero!

Group Times (PDT)
Term 1 – June 19, Event Start — June 20, 9AM
Term 2 – June 20, 9AM — June 20, 9PM (12 hours)
Term 3 – June 20, 9PM — June 21, 9AM (12 hours)
Term 4 – June 21, 9AM — June 21, 9PM (12 hours)
Term 5 – June 21, 9PM — June 22, 9PM (24 hours)
Term 6 – June 22, 9PM — June 23, 9PM (24 hours)
Term 7 – June 23, 9PM — June 24, 3PM (18 hours)

PLEASE NOTE that there is a TWO-HOUR calculation period before each group term closes! During that time you can still initiate PvP battles and earn points that will affect your final ranking, but those points will not affect your standing within your upcoming groups.

Good luck on the Battleground! Download it for free on IOS and Android!