GeneralsJoes Latest Dio-Story Darkness Falls is LIVE!

Without question, the most frequent question I’ve received over the past several years is “when are you going to do the next dio-story?”

The answer is now.

Joining the enthusiastic G.I. Joe celebration for the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention, and appropriately in the same weekend that both Hit & Run and Vypra were announced for Figure Subscription 3.0, I now present G.I. Joe: Darkness Falls.

It has been added to my Dio-Story menu above, and has its dedicated page right here, and you can go ahead and check out the Prologue directly.  Expect weekly episodes, every Sunday, and right now the series is slated to run a whopping 40 episodes!

It’s been a long and hard labor of love, and it’s a labor that still continues as I work to ensure that there will be regular updates throughout the entire story.  Check it out, and I really hope it was worth the wait.

Reminder – Darkness Falls, the latest GeneralsJoes Dio-Story launches April 14th!

I mentioned in my last news post that time spent on the dio-story had taken some time away from reviews, but all that time is about to pay off!

Ten days from today, Sunday, April 14th, my latest Dio-Story will begin!  Picking up right where Ghosts left off, with Cobra on the precipice of executing Operation: Eclipse, G.I. Joe has been pushed to their breaking point.  Mustering up all their resources, the team launches one last offensive against Cobra’s secret Amazon headquarters!

This is the largest scale dio-story I have ever done, and I feel like it’s a satisfying end to my little corner of the G.I. Joe universe.  I hope others will feel the same way after all is said and done.

Check out the teaser on YouTube, and you should play some catch up with my previous dio-stories as well!  You can also hit up my Dio-Story updates on the site itself, which will show some set building, etc…

Thanks for all of the support throughout my long walk down this road, I hope the destination ends up as fun as the ride has been.

Darkness Falls Behind the Scenes – The Cobra Compound

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’d officially announced the begin date of my next Dio-Story “Darkness Falls” via YouTube, and I’ve been working hard continuously since then to make sure that deadline is met.

If you’ve been wondering why some FSS Reviews have lagged behind, well hopefully that provides some insight.  :)

As part of my work on the Darkness Falls dio-story, I dove headlong into set building once again, which was something I only touched on briefly in previous stories.  This time around I ventured into the Facebook Group depths, hitting up the DioStructure group, and immediately was inspired.  I posted this article over on JoeCustoms first, because I’ve been soliciting advice from many of those great customizers, and I think they helped me develop this Cobra Compound into what it is.  But now I think enough time has passed that I can post it up here as well in case anyone has missed it.  Read the full story to see the run down!

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Regular Joes Podcast Episode #39 – G.I. Joe hits 50 and 50 hits back

As excited as many Real American Hero fans were about some of the announcements at Toy Fair a short while ago, there is a segment of the community that felt a little bit left out.  So when three representatives from that community invited me onto their podcast to chat about Toy Fair reveals, I jumped at the chance, eager to see their perspective.  It certainly helps that Barry, Tod, and Dave are all great guys who are really closely invested in the G.I. Joe fandom and do regular work for the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!

Well, I couldn’t have had a better time.  All three of them are veritable geek experts (as listeners of their podcast can certainly attest to) and we talked about everything from G.I. Joe’s 50th Anniversary to Guardians of the Galaxy, Harold Ramis, and many other things in between.  It was a blast.

And folks looking for information about my dio-story may want to listen to… I break a bit of news on that front as well.  :)

Heck, we even talk a little bit about the Adventure Team Chronicles and “Shattered Glass” concept, considering podcast host Tod Pleasant is the writer of that particular adventure.

You can find the latest episode over on iTunes, and the show notes are below.


In 1964 Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe, America’s Movable Fighting Man, and the Action Figure was born. As fans of G.I. Joe gear up to recognize their plastic hero’s golden anniversary, controversy, Joe’s frequent companion, one again makes an appearance. Is Hasbro giving Joe his due? Barry, Dave and Tod, the Regular Joes are joined by Justin Bell from the What’s on Joe Mind podcast to talk it out. Also, a salute to the late great Harold Ramis, with movie picks, and another round of Who Would Win in a Fight. Yo Joe!

Regular Joes


GeneralsJoes Dio-Story Navigation Fixed

I did a major overhaul of my dio-story section last week, but in some cases (most notably the G.I. Joe and The Transformers story as well as the Miscellaneous stories) the navigation was still weird, with the “Previous” and “Next” links being above the images.

I have made some further CSS adjustments so the navigation for those other sections now match the GeneralsJoes section with the big “PREV” and “NEXT” arrows at the bottom of the page.

Sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully this will further enhance the enjoyment of these stories!  :)

Be sure to follow the links in the drop down above, or the links below to check this all out:

I have no idea what I’m doing – a Cobra temple interior

As folks who have been paying attention probably know, I’ve been actively working on my next Dio-Story for several months at this p0int.  I even documented some of the set building process in my “Behind the Curtain” series for this Dio-Story.  I was feeling really good about how things were coming along and anticipated having much of the filming done at this point and ready to hopefully launch the dio-story by the end of the year.

Then the house move came about…  and I haven’t mentioned this to too many folks yet, but in the process of moving, the load in the U Haul truck shifted, and almost all of my constructed dio sets were destroyed.  My Cobra Temple awesomely constructed by Eric “Capolan” Vaughn?  Crushed.  The Cobra Commander throne room so crucial to the climax of the story?  Done.

It was pretty depressing.

But I’m determined to continue moving forward on this, and as part of that, I’m reconstructing the interior to the Cobra Temple, going in a slightly different direction.  Capolan’s Temple set was fantastic.  I absolutely loved it, and it served me great, but as the story of Darkness Falls has evolved in my head, I needed a little bit more size and scope, so I started from scratch to rebuild the internal lobby of the temple.  Yes, this means there will likely be some design differences and inconsistencies throughout the scope of the story, but I’m hoping some suspension of disbelief will allow folks to overlook that and just appreciate the story.

To give folks a bit of a taste of this new Cobra Interior, I documented the process, which will hopefully give people something to hold them over until Darkness Falls launches.  Though that launch probably won’t happen until next year at this point.  Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below to check out the process of constructing this new Cobra Temple interior.

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The state of Dio-Stories in 2012 – Where are we and what happened?

I will say first of all, this is a direct response to the excellent write up by zedhatch (Toxie’s Universe on Twitter) over at The Terror Drome where he analyzes where Dio-Stories were in the fandom several years ago, where they are now, and exactly what happened along the way.

Zed has been doing dio-stories for a very long time, and has some good insight and experience on the subject, but I figure, considering what my own situation is and has been that I would write a companion piece to respond to some of this points and possibly bring up some of my own.

Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for the full article, and thanks to Zed and The Terror Drome for speaking about this.  It’s a subject that is obviously near and dear to my heart, and something I’ve been struggling with for a few years, so I love having the opportunity to read (and respond) about it.

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Rejoice! A new G.I. Joe dio-story emerges on the ‘net

Judging from all of the comments and requests I get, it seems like G.I. Joe fans are still very big fans of the dio-story concept.  While my own time is too short at the moment still to produce one of these bad boys, that hasn’t stopped friend of GeneralsJoes Nas from doing his own thing.

Over on Gigamach Productions, Nas has produced a new Dio-Story that is showing some serious promise.  He was kind enough to send me a printed copy he made up for ComicCon, but he’s got it all hosted online as well, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Click on over to Gigamach Productions and take a peek.  I can’t wait to see more.

G.I. Joe Convention 2012 – the Hasbro Diorama and Retaliation Posters

A few left over stragglers from my image onslaught over the weekend.  Set up in the middle of the Hasbro showroom at the Convention this year was quite the impressive diorama.  A double sided display with two scenes on the near side and one large mountain scene on the far side, pretty much every element of recent G.I. Joe releases were captured.  The far side brought the mountain side ninja combat into 3 dimensions, while the near side featured a Benzheen battle as well as a peek inside a Cobra base.

Some really great scenes throughout, and I took a ton of pictures.

Also included in this gallery are shots of various G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters that were scattered on display cases and the wall, many of which featured large sized artwork we had not necessarily seen, especially in such a big format.

Check out the gallery below.