Darkness Falls Episode 20 – Curse of the Dead

The G.I. Joe team has taken the Cobra temple, but there are still snakes in the grass, and Operation: Eclipse is still thoroughly under way.  Desperate to get a leg up, the Joes send a team into Cobra’s Research and Development sector, but get more than they bargained for!

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Darkness Falls Episode 19 – Under the Skin

Throughout the long history of the GeneralsJoes Dio-Story universe there has been a rivalry and conflict between Hit & Run and Interrogator.  Each side has had their small victories, and eventually it all has to come to a head.  With Vypra taken captive by the sinister Cobra Interrogator, Hit & Run makes one last ditch effort to save her and resolve this conflict once and for all…

…but who will stand victorious?

Darkness Falls: Episode 19.  Hit & Run vs. Interrogator.  And still only halfway through this final adventure!  Check the Darkness Falls section, or click the link below.


Darkness Falls Episode 18 – The Face of Evil

Hit & Run vs. Interrogator.  Vypra trapped in a prison cell as the G.I. Joe Light Infantry expert comes to her rescue…  but can he resist the Interrogator’s sinister influence?

The moment everyone’s been waiting for as Hit & Run and Interrogator battle for the life and freedom of Vypra!  Check out the Darkness Falls section, or click the link below!


Darkness Falls Episode 17 – The Final Countdown is now online!

First of all, some apologies, as I know this is a very short episode, but the flow of the story just felt right with the shorter episode this week.  It should pick back up next week.

The G.I. Joe team has successfully broken Cobra’s front ranks, but the battle is far from won…and what does General Flagg have up his sleeve?  The Final Countdown begins NOW.  Err…  but it’s a long countdown…  we got like 20 episodes left.

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Darkness Falls Episode 16 – Steel on Steel is online!

Like it or not, ninjas are a big piece of G.I. Joe lore, and in this installment of Darkness Falls, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Scarlett take the edged weapon fight straight down Cobra’s throat.  As Black Dragon and the Night Creepers scramble to distance themselves from the quickly scattering Cobra forces, they run into a determined trio of G.I. Joe operatives…  what happens next will shock you!

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Darkness Falls Episode 14 – Beware the Adder!

The G.I. Joe team has broken into the Cobra temple in two fronts, and battles rage throughout the complex.  While the main brunt of the G.I. Joe force blasts through the front door, a small recon team infiltrates through hidden passageways…but they run into unexpected resistance, and quickly learn… to Beware the Adder!

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Darkness Falls Episode 13 – Break the Door Down

Cobra’s fierce defense of the temple walls as fallen apart and G.I. Joe has broken through!  While the breach team finds a way to blast through the thick front walls, the Locusts find a free roof to land on…  but things aren’t as easy as they seem!

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Darkness Falls – Episode 12 “At the Gates”

The Dio-Story adventure “Darkness Falls” continues its weekly updates today with the twelfth installment in its action-packed adventure.  The G.I. Joe team brings the fight right to Cobra’s front door, much to Claymoore and Skullbuster’s dismay!

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