has pre-orders for 2015 G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Assortments

We must be getting closer to release! Toys “R” Us’ website has posted pre-orders for all of the upcoming G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary product for 2015. As an extra bonus, they’ve also posted great images of the filecards as well as the press images for the product itself.

Check out for the latest pre-order information!

Personally, I may just try my luck at brick & mortar, now that I have a Toys “R” Us local to my workplace. We’ll see…

G.I. Joe Strike now available for Android and IOS

We first heard about it at JoeCon this year and now it’s available for your favorite mobile device.  G.I. Joe: Strike by Backflip Studios!

Backflip Studios and Hasbro inked a big deal last year, which felt weird at the time considering DeNA/Mobage was currently working with them on Transformers and G.I. Joe based card battle games.

Now Backflip has released their first G.I. Joe themed game, featuring Snake Eyes ninja fighting hordes of Red Ninjas.  Get your for free on Android and IOS.

FSS IV Order Period continues, Interrogator revealed!

While the folks at Fun Publications were ramping up for Botcon, they put FSS IV reveals on hold to focus on the task at hand.

Now Botcon is over and the latest Figure Subscription Service is open for business again.  To celebrate the launch, the Club has revealed Interrogator!

A personal favorite character of mine (I still can’t believe in FSS 3 & 4 we got or are getting Hit & Run, Vypra, and Interrogator.  Too cool.) I am pretty particular about how Interrogator should be represented.  We’re fortunate enough to have a few good sources of inspiration for the character, from the awesome ’91 original to the Direct To Consumer “Viper Lockdown” version which is pretty amazing.  Here, the Club is taking a different approach.

This Interrogator draws some inspiration from older models, but also adds some nice newness.  Using Retaliation Cobra Commander’s torso and arms with Artcic Destro’s legs there is some nice armor and some great black and gray offsets.  I’m not wild about the re-use of the 2010 Convention helmet (really if they’d used the Retaliation Cobra Commander head along with the torso and arms with a red faceplate it would have worked) but the rest of the figure surprisingly appeals to me.  I like that he’s more combat ready, and goes in a bit of a different direction than previous versions.  This almost looks like it could be a Plague version if the colors were darker.

Anyway, I’m excited for this one.  Check out the image below and keep watching for the latest info.  Also, if you like what you see, sign up for the FSS, it’s only open until midnight of July 15th.


Get behind the scenes details of your favorite brands with Hasbro Pulse!

I saw mention of this a few days ago, but am just getting around to talking about it…and it deserves to be talked about!

Hasbro products have a pretty significant collector draw, there’s no question about that, but Hasbro’s connection with those collectors has been a bit hit or miss throughout the years. At Conventions each year Hasbro reps do a fantastic job talking to fans and sharing news with their most devoted followers, but beyond those select segments of face-to-face interactions, it’s mostly on the fringes.

That may be changing.

Hasbro has revealed “Hasbro Pulse” what appears to be a very collector focused portal looking at our favorite brands with some early looks and behind the scenes peeks at what makes these toys so important to us.

Already there have been articles posted looking at packaged samples of the next run of G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary figures as well as some intel behind Transformers from John Warden. It’s a great start to something that might hopefully become a much larger part of how Hasbro talks to the fandom.

Check out Hasbro Pulse and stay tuned, I suspect we’ll be talking much more about it in the future.


Confirmation of the ComicCon Kre-O Slaughter Marauders vs. Iron Grenadier set

Oh my.

So the news leaked a bit prematurely yesterday (unfortunately), but today we are all official, and the news is great! Yes, Hasbro will be releasing a G.I. Joe Kre-O set at ComicCon and it contains Sgt. Slaughter and his Marauders vs. the nefarious Iron Grenadiers.

UPROXX has all the latest info, on a set that looks…well… about as insane as you’d expect a Sgt. Slaughter Kre-O set to look. Phenomenal.

Something just leaped to my #1 most wanted list for ComicCon exclusives. Good stuff!

Check out the images below, and thanks to UPROXX for breaking this exciting news!

ComicCon Exclusive Desert Duel Box Art is revealed…and impressive!

This must be the night for sneak SDCC reveals, as overseas auction site TaoBao has revealed our first look at the packaging for the ComicCon exclusive “Desert Duel” G.I. Joe boxed set.

The Desert Duel set features Chuckles and the FOE Striker vs. Cobra Elite Horseman and the Cobra Basilisk, with two bonus figures, the Cobra Air Trooper, and Night Fox.  The box is fantastic with a bullet-riddled sleeve and really nice looking diorama shot on the back (as well as the great artwork that was originally revealed at the 2015 JoeCon).

It’s very impressive presentation.  Big thanks to Chris over on the G.I. Joe Discussion Facebook Group for the heads up!

Rumor Alert – SDCC Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter Marauders vs. Iron Grenadier Kre-O Set?

Yes, I’m considering this a rumor, even though it appears to have some strong basis in fact.  At some point tonight it would appear that a YouTube video for an announcement of an upcoming SDCC Exclusive Kre-O set was accidentally published, and some quick fingered Joe fans captures a screen shot contained within.

According to that briefly public YouTube page, we should be expecting a ComicCon exclusive Kre-O set, and it sounds absolutely amazing.

Over on HissTank, an enterprising member went to a cached page for the announcement site and retrieved the following information:

KRE-O G.I. JOE Slaughter’s Marauders vs. Destro’s Iron Grenadiers Set is a special-edition KRE-O construction set that features the debut of Kreon figure Sgt. Slaughter as he leads the Marauders into battle against Destro and the Iron Grenadiers. The Comic-Con exclusive set comes with 12 Kreon figures, including Barbecue, Footloose, Darklon, Voltar, and the debut of Kreon Destro in his leopard-print coat. The set also includes pieces for building Sgt. Slaughter’s Triple T Tank. And the collectible 232-piece set comes packaged in special throwback boxed set packaging resembling VHS cassettes, complete with Sgt. Slaughter and Destro file cards and art that recreates classic G.I. JOE packaging.


I’ve been bummed about a lack of Kre-O news, and while this is just a snippet of what we’ve seen in the past, it’s a pretty awesome snippet.  Some great characters and what looks to be an awesome build for Slaughter’s TTT.  Check out the screen caps below and thanks to for the info.

Transformers Collectors Club announces other G.I. Joe/Transformers shared exclusives

If you’re a toy fan, you know that Botcon is today, and along with some spectacular Hasbro reveals (SKY LYNX OMG!1!111) the Transformers  Collectors Club is also holding a panel where they’re announcing their latest Figure Subscription Service as well as other items.

Some of those other items are a couple more G.I. Joe/Transformers pseudo shared exclusives, a human Springer Rodimus and Arcee from the Transformers episode “Only Human”.  We all know about Old Snake and Marissa Fairborne from that same episode, but that particular era of Transformers history also involved several Autobots being transferred into human synthoid bodies.  Springer Rodimus and Arcee (along with Springer and Ultra Magnus) were two of those.

You can check out more about this episode at Teletran-1, and a couple of images from the episode are below.

They also announced that the previous exclusives, Old Snake w/ the Stealth B.A.T.s and Marissa Fairborne with Afterbreaker will be carded and offered to both clubs.

EDIT – Early reports from Botcon had identified the male figure as Springer.  It has since been clarified to be Rodimus.  Apologies for the misinformation.

Gentle Giant, LTD announces two G.I. Joe themed SDCC Exclusives

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Gentle Giant today announced a pair of new G.I. Joe themed ComicCon exclusives available for Premium Guild members to order.

First is an exclusive version of their Jumbo sized Grunt figure, packaged in a unique wooden footlocker.  Check out the Gentle Giant Pre-Order here, and also, be sure to take a look at the great photo shoot over at  Some images from the Gentle Giant site are below.

However, their second item…is a pair of MICRO figures.  Snake Eyes and Rock n Roll look to be the first two entries in this Micro Figure format, though I’m not sure if this is something that may be ongoing or isolated to just this limited release.

These micro figures are really blowing my mind.  There’s an image below of the two figures in someone’s open palm, and it’s just crazy sauce.  Pretty neat overall.

You can pre-order the micro figure at Gentle Giant’s website (as long as you’re a Premium Guild member).  Premium Guild memberships look to be $80 per year.  See images of the micro figures below.

These are both available for pre-order to Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members and will be at San Diego ComicCon.  Don’t forget, if you want an idea of how these Jumbo figures look and feel, check out the YouTube video embedded below, which comes courtesy of Joe fan Page Wagner.

A new batch of eBay auctions sheds some light on upcoming G.I. Joe product

EDIT – Added images of the G.I. Joe HISS tank the CHIMERA.

I was a bit lax on reporting the first burst of overseas eBay auctions that appeared on the scene a couple of weeks ago, but this time I wanted to try and at least stay a little on top of it, mostly because this offers us our first real in hand look at some of these figures.  They are currently found on eBay, but as with all pre-production items, caveat emptor.

Keep in mind, deco’s will be changing (no the final Storm Shadow is not going to be missing his gray camouflage) but this is still a nice look at some of this upcoming product.

And I’ve learned a couple things here.

1 – The Cobra Basilisk looks a LOT cooler than I initially anticipated. That slight paint brush “wear and tear” look on the surface adds a ton of great dimensions to that vehicle. I surprised myself with how much difference that made in my mind. It shifted this item straight from “somewhat dull Snowcat repaint” to a new and interesting looking Cobra take on that vehicle. It’s pretty nice.

2 – I still love the Cobra Elite Horseman. I first fell in love with this figure during the Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary line, when he was in red, and he looks pretty darn nice here in blue as well.

3 – Initial samples of Chuckles were missing the floral deco, which had some fans worried. Well, worry no more, they’re back here. Not only are they back here, but this could cause those non-floral deco versions sold a couple of weeks ago to get a little more desirable…

4 – I believe these are our first looks at Gung Ho and Storm Shadow, two of the few truly “new” tooled figures we’re getting. Both look nice, but Gung Ho, of course, truly shines. Looking forward to getting this one in hand, I just hope from a plastic material perspective he feels a bit more solid than Destro from the 50th Anniversary.

5 – Steeler looks awesome. Both Steeler and Grunt seem like they’re pulling from the Pursuit of Cobra line of design, where figures like Kickstart and Double Clutch had this flat green look. I love it, and it’s neat to see that we now have three of the Original 13 (Steeler, Grunt, and Clutch) in this somewhat modernized look. Heck, we could throw PoC Snake Eyes and 30th Anniversary Stalker in that boat as well. Building a nice little modern team of the original guys.

I still haven’t quite decided how this line should be “branded”. I’m sure they’re using the same format as the 50th Anniversary line last year, but for obvious reasons, these can’t be considered 50th Anniversary figures. I’ve gotta work this out in my head.

Check out the images below, the fact that we’re getting new G.I. Joe items at retail is starting to feel like more of a reality…

Also, there are two different Air Vipers in the gallery.  I believe that one of them on the auction pages is the original, and the one with the colors on the vest is from the upcoming release…