Daredevil character posters create great cityscape

Joining the previously revealed Matt Murdock character poster, supporting characters, including Foggy Nelson and Wilson Fisk himself, now come together to form a fantastic group poster with all characters lining up against the dark backdrop of Hell’s Kitchen,

Check out the great (and massive) poster below.


Coulson confronts Mack on Agents of SHIELD “One Door Closes”

Last week was a somewhat slow episode of Agents of SHIELD, but it doesn’t feel like that’s going to be an issue this time around.  While there isn’t a whole lot of action in this clip from the next episode, “One Door Closes” there’s plenty of tension, and you have to think things are going to come to a head…

Meet Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch from Avengers: Age of Ultron

Thanks to Marvel Studios and the wonders of the Avengers initiative, people everywhere now consider Iron Man, Thor, and Loki household names. However, two new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are relative unknowns.

A featurette on YouTube today hopes to change that, focusing on the ‘Super Siblings’ of the Avengers sequel. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, over on Buzzfeed.com, a long form article outlining the history of the two characters, plus a look at their role in the film can help shed some light on these two characters as well.

Daredevil set visit reveals some gory new details about the Netflix series

If you’re eagerly consuming every small morsel of Daredevil news like I am, this article will feel like a nice sit-down meal in a fancy restaurant.

Shortlist.com visited the set of Daredevil and unleashed a long article outlining some back story for the series, and even reveals some little tasty tidbits of what we can expect.

For instance, while we’re all aware of how gritty and real world the series is, I’m not sure any of us foresaw Daredevil pushing a criminal from a rooftop or The Kingpin decapitating someone with a car door…sounds like this series is down and dirty, and I for one can’t wait to check it out.

Hit up Shortlist.com for the whole write up.

Promos for next week’s Agents of SHIELD and The Flash

Last night was Tuesday, meaning a comic fan’s dream as new episodes of both Agents of SHIELD and The Flash aired.

With those new episodes airing come previews for next week.

On Agents of SHIELD, things look to be coming to a head between Coulson’s SHIELD and “the real” SHIELD.  While last night’s episode was relatively slow and plodding, it looks like things will be picking up next week!

Meanwhile, The Flash continues to be…well… pretty much perfect.  I know I lambasted last week’s episode a bit, but I’ll be damned if each week isn’t like watching a comic book come to life for 60 minutes.  It’s pretty damn great.  I still can’t believe Mark Hamill is coming back as the original Trickster next week.  Could this show get any more fun?  Check out that preview below.

The Russo Brothers set to direct Avengers: Infinity War

If you told me that Joss Whedon would not be back to direct the third (and fourth) Avengers movies, I would be very sad.

But if you told me that instead of Whedon, we’d be getting the Russo Brothers, well, I’d get over my sadness pretty quick.

That’s precisely what Bad Ass Digest is reporting, that the Infinity War two-parter will in fact be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Ever since its theatrical debut, I’ve been lauding Captain America: Winter Soldier as my favorite Marvel Studios film, and perhaps one of my top 5 films of all time. I’ve seen it half a dozen times, if not more, and I cannot really find a flaw anywhere in it. It’s that good.

If the guys who crafted that masterpiece want to step in to take on the entire Avengers roster, I’m good with that.

Thanks to Bad Ass Digest for the scoop!

Agents of SHIELD “Love in the time of Hydra” features some humerus Banner banter

Yeah, I know a lot of the Marvel Cinematic tie ins during Agents of SHIELD are a bit contrived, but I always geek out a little bit with the connective tissue that ties the TV show and film world. Heck, the fact that Steven Rogers’ blood was such a crucial piece of the Agent Carter TV series was pretty awesome.

They’ve posted a clip for the upcoming episode “Love in the time of Hydra” and there’s a little Bruce Banner in joke that just makes me smile a bit.

Also, this episode features the introduction of Edward James Olmos as Robert Gonzales, and judging by the slightly different SHIELD logo behind him (matching the one seen at the end of the previous episode) he is most likely involved with this mysterious “Real SHIELD” faction.  It will be interesting to see this dynamic unfold.


Marvel Legends Agents of SHIELD 3-Pack available on ToysRUs.com

With the constant reduction in articulation on the 4″ figures, many fans have been looking to the 6″ scale to fill in their Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Well, a big missing slot can now be filled, thanks to ToysRUs.com.

Agent Phil Coulson has been a long desired figure for the Legends scale to join his Avengers comrades, and with the three pack announced last year, fans have been eagerly anticipating adding not just Coulson, but also Fury and Maria Hill to their Legends displays. Granted, Fury was already available in an earlier assortment, but he’s not exactly easy to get.

Hit up ToysRUs.com to get yours now!

Now if only we could get some decent 4″ scale figures…