Toy Fair 2008 Coverage!

Q&A Round 3!

The next round of Q&A's have been posted!

Somewhere, somehow, CoolToyReview got their mitts on some impressively hi-res pictures of the first wave of Single Packs. Check 'em out here. Also, has their own pictures of the singles here, and the 5-Packs here. Last but not least, the SDCC exclusive Pimp Daddy Destro can be seen at the Club here!

NEW - Hasbro Q&A Round One is complete! Check the full round up at General's Joes here!

Hot off the news that the Anniversary line will be running into 2008, we've got a neat little "first look" at the G.I. Joe Logo sound feature that will be seen on the original Battle Pack coming out this summer. Nothing amazing, but something cool to check out here.

G.I. Joe Anniversary line Intel Report!

Pictures of Single Pack Wave 1 of the 25th Anniversary figures are now available! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to General's Joes next week as well, as I hope to have some information about upcoming anniversary product from Hasbro!

The 2007 Post Toy Fair Anniversary Report! Questions Answered!!

2007 International Toy Fair Gallery!!

Every day starting today (1/23/07) The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club and G.I.Joe.Com will be revealing 25th Anniversary figures. By the time they are done, the entire first assortment of ten figures will be shown! The Collectors' Club website will post their update at noon EST, with G.I. Joe.Com following at around 4:00pm EST. The minute the pics go up, we'll have them here! Keep in mind, you have to be a member of the Collectors' Club to view their pictures early. For more information on signing up, click here.



No one knows a whole lot about the Anniversary line yet, Hasbro is keeping very hush hush. Here's what we know, and what we've heard speculated so far:

- As reported on G.I.Joe.Com the Anniversary line will, at the moment, contain twenty-five figures. The first assortment of ten figures will be shown on a daily basis on the Collectors' Club website and G.I.Joe.Com

- It is unknown at this point whether or not the line may possibly continue beyond the initial twenty-five figures. That depends wholly on retailer support.

- The Anniversary line is designed to feature iconic characters in their iconic appearences. Don't expect your favorite obscure character to make an appearence here, but do expect the very familiar characters to appear on shelves sporting their most familiar looks.

- Rumor has it that the initial shipments of Anniversary figures may be shipped in two FIVE-PACK gift sets. One G.I. Joe themed, one COBRA themed. This has not been confirmed, but it is extremely likely, from what folks have heard. More info will likely be available once Toy Fair comes around (February 11th-14th).

- Judging by these early pictures, the figures will be focusing on realistic detail as well as increased articulation. While the familiar O-Ring construction has gone away, the articulation would seem to make up for it with universal joint shoulders, a ball joint neck, mid-torso joint, swivel/bend elbows, forearm/wrist swivels, possible waist articulation, universal joint hips, and universal joint ankles. These will indeed be some of the most poseable 3 3/4" figures ever.

- If Duke is any indication, look for removable weapons and holsters, removable helmets, and an increased focus on highly detailed weapons and accessories.

Bookmark this page and keep coming back! More info will be revealed here as we uncover it!



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