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Welcome to GeneralsJoes.

My name is Justin, and I’ve been collecting little plastic army men for going on twenty-six years now…and if after reading that, you’re still sticking around and taking this seriously, more power to ya.  ;)

I’ve been heavily involved in the internet G.I. Joe world for over ten years now, and GeneralsJoes has been alive in some form or fashion for 9 of those 10 years.  Initially a clunky old Angelfire site, I now pride myself on being one of the best sources for G.I. Joe news, opinions, and information on the web.  If you need to contact me, please feel free to for any reason whatsoever:

Email Me.

I also have a number of other contributors to the site, Mike, Gary, and Carlos, but you’ll get to know them better as they start contributing content on a more regular basis.


  • Hey Justin, im Luis long time fan, LOVE your dio stories. I always liked the backgrounds and dioramas you have im working on one now and id like to know your opinion on it or any tips, just because

  • Doug Karr


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  • Tibor Kozma

    hy i created two dioramas and I want to show as many people as first jungle diorama and second Snow diorama thans to watched

  • Condor

    Michael, I’d be interested in attending the show, or maybe just meeting some GI Joe collectors. I’m not a collector by any stretch, but I do have a few 80’s era vehicles I think are pretty cool, and would enjoy seeing what others do with them. I mainly show them to kids in schools whenever I talk about how they were created.

  • Matt Holdaway

    Hi Justin, my cosplay/charity group The Cobra 1st Legion did a G.I. Joe themed photo-shoot at Alcatraz last weekend. You can see the photos at or at

  • mike

    Hey Justin, I’ve been a fan of your site/reviews/dio-stories for a long time. I just wrote my 365th toy review in my first year of blogging. I shouted you out as an inspiration. I hope you check it out. Thanks.

  • GeneralsJoes

    Fantastic!! Thanks for the shout out. Kudos for keeping your site updated so consistently, that’s a real accomplishment.

  • josue

    Hey justin ive bien wondering why hasbro hasnt made a retaliation accurte cobra comander toy do you think you can figure out why?

  • Ur Bigest Fan

    hi justin

  • WVMojo

    Checking to see if anyone has any info on why goes to the generic site instead of to the Retaliation themed site? Think they are gearing up for life after Retaliation?

  • Ryan beauchamp

    Hi my name is Ryan Beauchamp and I am a big time fan of the 25th series I am wanting to become a member so I can buy these joes that only the members get I would buy them off ebay but it makes no sense to me to pay around $100.00 for a joe it is pretty bad the way these people try to charge that high so if you could help me out I would really be grateful thanks.

  • Michael L. Milstead

    For those of you that might be interested…
    The DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show is back for 2013!
    The members of the Dallas / Fort Worth G.I. Joe Collector’s club are extremely
    pleased to announce our second official show. Both the attendance and the
    overwhelming positive response received from the 2012 show far exceeded the
    clubs expectations so we figured we’d do it again…

    So what’s changed? Well, we’re changing our venue and
    doubling our vendor space. Table cost will be $50 each before September 1st,
    and will then be $65 after that date. Booths will be $110 for a three table U
    shape sales area. The booth price will increase to $140 after September 1,
    2013. For those of you that are interested in reserving table space you might
    want to do that sooner rather than later as we’re already starting to receive
    requests from individuals who want multiple table space/booths and we sold out
    early for the 2012 show!

    As the name of the show states, this show is just not solely
    about G.I. Joe in his various incarnations or size but about his action figure
    brethren as well. So, no matter what your taste in action figures you’ll be
    able to find it at the show!

    As to the specifics;

    When – Saturday, September 21, 2013

    Where – The Grapevine Convention Center 1209 South Main
    Street Grapevine, Texas 76051

    Time – 10:00 – 4:00

    If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me at If you would like to participate in this show as a
    vendor please contact Keith Holmes, the show organizer, at

    So, if you happen to be either a G.I. Joe collector or an action
    figure collector please come on out and join us for our 2013 show! This is your
    chance to find that unique item that you’re collection is missing.

    All GI Joe and action figure collectors are welcome and
    admission is just $5.00 per person at the door! Family admission will be
    $10.00. Boy Scouts in uniform, Military, Police, Firemen and other Law
    Enforcement Personnel will be allowed in free with a current and valid ID.

    For all of the up-to-date information check out the DFW GI
    Joe and Action Figure Show Facebook page at:



  • Bud B

    Hello there! You mentioned being stuck at work in Kansas City during the Joe Con 2013…are you a Kansas Citian? Is there still a G I Joe Club here in K C? Bud

  • Hey, love the site, quick question you might be able to help me with. I have two of the Cobra Battle 5 packs, the ones they based Wave 4 on but they are different, one shows the file cards and has storm shadow sliding and the other the file cards can’t really be seen and storm shadow looks like a big X. Whats the difference than the two, was one released before the other?
    thanks for your help

  • Hey Justin I noticed you featured Action Figure Kickstarters from time to time and i was hoping you’d check mine out, and maybe feature it on your site. Thanks!
    The Kingdom – An Action Figure Project!

  • JoshDahl

    HI. Justin. You know me. This is Josh Dahl from The Terrordrome. I was hoping to get some attention for this project I am doing with my students. We are creating a Viet Nam diorama in history class. So, I am calling on teh Joe community to donate parts and gear that look like they would fit in the Viet Nam era.
    And for those that would prefer to donate money, I am holding a fundraiser to ge a scale Huey.
    You can see the info here.
    I am happy to talk with you about this any time.


  • Steve

    Hi – Steve here. I have a 2002 GI Joe helicopter 174GIJOE 64B4 that I’m desperately trying to find two rotor blades for. I talked to a nice guy at Hasbro but he said replacement parts are no longer stocked for that vintage toy. He even searched ebay fo me, as I’d already done, and found tons of other models but not mine. It’s cammo tan and all the features work but it’ll never fly with just one rotor blade Help?!

  • TexasBrent

    Justin! Hit and Run is now green!!!!!

  • TheDorkKnight

    Hi Justin, big fan of your site, but I’ve got a question. Seeing as how your a huge Hit and Run fan, have you ever found a figure with black goggles, instead of red? I recently purchased one, an can find no other samples with this. His goggles do not appear to be painted over, an he has a made in Hong Kong stamp on his butt. Really curious about where he came from, and if you have any answers I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

  • Hey there. I’ve never seen that myself. Was it a loose figure? It’s possible the red paint just wore off.

  • TheDorkKnight

    Thanks for the quick response! It was a loose figure, but the black on the goggles looks like it was on purpose. I think it could be a knockoff, or a foreign version. The black goggles actually look pretty cool though, so I don’t mind. Also, Hit and Run is an awesome figure, and I totally see why your such a fan of him! Your dios made me like him even more.

  • Jahir Yihad

    hi, everytime i want to buy a new joe i check your page…cool info and photos…thanks man

  • Mason Pech

    Hi Justin,

    Since you’ve made a habit of spotlighting Kickstarter projects of interest to Joe fans, I wondered if you had seen this one: 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe ®: A Real American Hero™ Vol. 3
    Just trying to get the word out. Thanks!