Spoiler alert – Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Shipment 2 is arriving in mailboxes

Wow, seems like shipment one just barely arrived.

Well, when you figure the Collectors Club has five short months to roll out two FSS’s, plus the extra 12 bonus figures, I guess they’d better move at a pretty quick pace.

As usual, JE Russel received his figures first (it pays to live close to the Club’s home office, I suppose), and I’m posting them below the “READ MORE” link below to preserve spoilers for those who are into those kinds of things.




Shipment Two is…

Dusty and Dreadnok KAOS.  Dusty is inspired by the 1991 version of the figure, one that I actually loved even more than his ’85 debut.  Kaos is a new character (he was originally a trooper, and his specialty on the filecard seems to indicate he still should be, though the filecard is written as if he is a character) who was first introduced to G.I. Joe fans in the Concept Case at the 2012 convention in New Orleans.  Check out JE Russel’s Facebook page or the mirrored images below.

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