Wait, what? It’s JoeCon time?

Never before has JoeCon weekend snuck up on me like it has this year.  It seemed like one minute it was months away, then suddenly I’m packing for a whirlwind 2,000 mile round trip car ride to Chattanooga.  Wow.

And yes, it’s true!  JoeCon officially kicks off tomorrow when the Golden Ticket holders can first pick up their boxed sets and get their comics, which invariably have some neat-o clues inside about potential convention exclusives.

I’ll be driving the long haul tomorrow so I can’t promise I’ll have 100% up to the minute news, but if I’m stopped and I get the intel quick I will certainly relay it.  Those dudes over at The Full Force will be ALL OVER IT I’m sure, too, so make sure you’re following their feed super close.

Meanwhile, if you’re attending JoeCon, snag me, stop me, say hi, I’ll be wandering around with a refreshed feeling of low stress enjoyment as I try to soak in every minute of this final convention without the typical rushing around of news reporting and exclusive hawking.  Also be sure to swing by the Kindle Worlds panel at 2:00pm on Saturday to hear myself, Bill Nedrow, Jim Beard, and Don Maue talk about the crazy rock star lives of G.I. Joe authorhood.  Good stuff.

This is always a fantastic, fun weekend, hopefully I’ll see some of you all there!

Until then…  I’m on to Chattanooga!


Animal Warriors of the Kingdom DELUXE action figure Kickstarter is live!

Spero Studios is cranking again! Shortly after delivering some awesome figures from their first Kickstarter, the folks at Spero are back at it, seeking funding for a new line of Deluxe Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures. Many of the figures within this second Kickstarter are 5″ tall (though still scaled for 1:18, they’re just big boys!) and we’ve got some pretty amazing looking stuff going on here.

Personally, I’m really digging Belarus, the crazy cyborg bear, but there’s a ton of potential for other incredible stuff as well. As with the first Kickstarter, there’s a ton of great basic sized figures, too with some excellent new gear, new heads, and new creatures.

Lots to love here, especially if you dig human/animal hybrids like I do. I can see half the cast of my Operation: Harvest novels right here. Awesome stuff.

He’s sitting at around $32,000 right now, with a goal at 50K, but I think all of us would like to see some serious stretch goals made. Don’t sit on the fence, hit up the Kickstarter and put your money where your mouth is. He’s proven he can get this stuff produced, I’m itching to see more.

Now available – The Joy of Joe (#1 New Release!)

As many of you readers are aware, recently I’ve been diverting my focus a bit more to my burgeoning independent author career, which has required more and more attention.  It’s always awesome when my interests can intersect, and thanks to Jim Beard and Bill Nedrow, I’ve been able to combine my two loves (publishing and action figures) into a new essay project – The Joy of Joe!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that today’s fandom environment can be rife with hostility and toxicity for reasons that are completely alien to me.  I’m happy to say that the Joy of Joe is the absolute antithesis of that.  It’s a nostalgic and youthful look at the G.I. Joe brand and the awesome positive effects it’s had on our youth.  A collection of essays from some great contributors (including some names you will certainly recognize, including the co-creator of Marvel Comics characters Cable and Deadpool) really captures the fun innosense of what it was like growing up in the midst of the heyday of America’s Movable Fighting Man and Real American Hero.

As an added bonus, upon release yesterday it quickly became the #1 New Release in the Toy and Collectibles category which is a testament to the work that Jim and Bill put into this project.  Please grab a copy, if you’re reading this site, I know you’ll enjoy it.