Greg “Blizzard” Natale – FSS 8.0

Okay I have another confession, I really like arctic themed figures.  Just wanted to get that off my chest.  With that said the Collectors Club gave us our first look at Greg “Blizzard” Natale today.  It looks like the figure is using the FSS Scoop head and parts from the cancelled RoC Arctic Threat Duke.  I really like the way this figure came together.  Once again the Club stayed true to the original color scheme of the ’88 version.  If I had to nitpick anything it would be the fact that the helmet is not removable.  It would have been nice to get a removable helmet with the figure like the original version but I still think the figure really works and will look great with the rest of the arctic themed figures.  Head over to the GI Joe Collectors Club and get signed up before the May 2nd deadline.


(Inspired by the 1988 action figure.)
Includes: removable arctic coat, sniper rifle, backpack,
skis x 2, ski poles x 2, boot cleats x 2, and figure stand.

4 thoughts on “Greg “Blizzard” Natale – FSS 8.0

  1. Another failure like the Fast Draw. The helmet, as with Fast Draw, is the defining characteristic and to get that wrong just defeats the objective. If you can’t do it properly don’t bother doing it at all. Also a shame his sled is missing.

  2. One of the very best FSS figures from the looks of him, really, but then it’s almost impossible to go wrong with the PoC Arctic Duke body; it just kills me that that figure and its constituent parts have seemingly never had a mass-market release…

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