The state of GeneralsJoes – 2018

Hey, all.  So what’s new?

If you’re a regular visitor to GeneralsJoes, you’re probably thinking that a lot of stuff is new, I just haven’t been talking about it.  And yeah, you’d be right.

Why is that?  Honestly, I don’t really have an answer.  I think it’s a lot of things. 

After holding the torch of the G.I. Joe fandom for near twenty years, I think I’ve gotten a little tired.  I’ve posted hundreds of reviews over twenty years, thousands of news stories, and seen many of the same themes come and go.  Popularity swings from one extreme to the other, but a solid core of devoted, motivated fans who love the brand and want to continue to see it evolve.

One thing social media has done is provided an outlet for many of those motivated fans to continue expressing their feelings of the brand at large and as things have become more social media driven, I’ve felt like a place like GeneralsJoes hasn’t had a very large role in that.  Mostly my own fault, but it is the truth.

Also I can’t help but say that my own motivation has been somewhat lacking.  As many of you are aware I’ve begun focusing a lot of time and energy on my career as an independent author, an endeavor I’ve found to be exceedingly rewarding and unbelievably enjoyable.  Unfortunately as a husband and father with a 50 hour a week job, I only have so much time outside of daily life to contribute to what are essentially “hobbies” at this point.  Posting new FSS reviews or writing 20,000 words on a new novel?  The novel is going to win out at this point.  I need to do what’s best for my own self worth and my own reward system.

Lots of you will say it’s a lack of news or interest that’s driving the site into relative silence, but I can promise you that’s not the point.  My site begun in 1998 when we were getting maybe 15 new figures a year (and then none in 1999).  My site has  survived the Direct to Consumer doldrums, the disintegration of one of my favorite brands, Sigma 6, the rise and fall of the G.I. Joe film franchise, and GeneralsJoes was right there the whole time.  It didn’t go anywhere, and it’s still not going anywhere.  I’m never going to abandon this site, I’m never going to abandon the G.I. Joe brand,  I just have only so much time to go around, and for the moment that time is being spent on other endeavors.  I truly hope everyone reading this understands.

That being said, if there is anyone reading this who wants to assist in keeping the heartbeat of GeneralsJoes alive, please drop me line (justin AT  I hate to see the site dwindling into obscurity, I desperately want to keep it active and keep it relevant, but there’s only so much I can do personally, and as I said, for my own mental well-being and self-reward, I really want to continue to focus on being an author.

Who knows, if my author career takes off to the point where I can do that for a day job, then that changes my whole landscape.  I don’t see that happening for a while (if ever).

That being said, there are rumors that the next G.I. Joe film will be landing in early 2020.  Along with that will likely be a new action figure line.  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club is officially winding down with their last convention in Chattanooga this coming year.  The good news is that there are so many fans of the brand still keeping the fires lit, and trust me when I say I’m doing the same thing, I’m just doing it a bit more quietly than some others.  That may change in 2018, but I can’t promise anything at this point.

Until then, keep hitting The Full Force, 3D Joes, YoJoe, JoeBattleLines, HissTank, and so many other online G.I. Joe fandoms who are doing a much better job keeping the torch lit than I am.

Like I said, I’m not going anywhere, and if anyone wants to help keep the light on, please drop me a line.  Time will tell how things look going into 2018.


13 thoughts on “The state of GeneralsJoes – 2018

  1. I am very sad to hear this but I totally understand. Even at our age we are still evolving and changing. It is unbelievable how much time has become a commodity in my life. I have always enjoyed your reviews and news and hope it continues at some level.

  2. I completely understand as well. Being a Joe fan since the 80s and a dad. Sometimes our hobbies suffer. I have completely enjoyed your site and am not ashamed to say that I check it daily to see what’s what! You do you and hopefully things change for the better in 2018. You have a fan for life buddy!

  3. Hey you’ve done so much for all of us in the community. Between the site news, reviews, dio-stories the podcast et al. I’ve always been amazed how fellow dads like you and Gary find the time to do it all.

    Do what you need for you and yours. I will always be appreciative of what the few torch bearers of the hobby have done for the rest of us. Especially as I’ve stayed with sites like yours that stay away from the toxic attitudes of others.

    Mahalo to the Bell ohana for sharing their dad time with us. It has certainly benefitted my sanity for many years and helped keep me happier for my family’s sake.

  4. Man, if writing is working, there’s just no question! So glad that is working out man, you deserve it! Hope it keeps going that way.

    Anyway, while I’ll certainly be interested to see where Joe is going with the upcoming movie, but I’m not gona lie: The fire has certainly cooled off to a little half-lit match, at this point. For me, that is. I feel like I need some closure, so I keep planning to either hit the Joes I never reviewed, or do this big Sigma 6 review (before packing them away to make room). I keep going back to Sigma 6 recently, I think because I miss when G.I. Joe tried to do something different. I’m hoping we can get something different again, soon. Maybe that’ll jump up and make me pay attention again.

  5. Justin,

    Thanks so much for all you have done on behalf of the GI Joe community. We are lucky to have had your honest and in depth insights over the years. I know I have appreciated all the work you have done. Hopefully we can all step up to support you as well as the community as a whole!

  6. I, too, check your site most every day. I’ve loved your written reviews and reporting, and hope to keep hearing you bring the news on the Full Force podcasts!

    Anyway, thanks for all you’ve done to carry the torch. Keep fightin’ the good fight on the author front, and hope to see you in Chatanooga!

  7. Like the other guys, I check your site nearly daily Justin, so while I understand, I’m a bit bummed! As long as you keep writing great Joe novels, of which I’m a proud owner, I feel like I can’t complain too much! Thanks for all your work on here!

  8. I’m with every one else I’m always checking your site I really appreciate all the work you do.

  9. Thank you for all the time and effort and love you’ve given us already – follow your heart!

    I will still check back from time to time because I love your reviews, but now does seem like a good time to (temporarily?) step away.

  10. Best to you, Justin. Still a fan of the site, and I still revisit the old reviews now and again. I’m glad you’re writing and happy. Sometimes you have to let certain things go so you can grab others. Still a fan of the site,and will continue to be.

  11. I’ve rarely said anything, but I’ve long enjoyed your posts. I bought two of the Sideshow figures on the strength of your reviews, and a number of the smaller ones too. I never got to collect the original figs as a kid, but just reading your work here kept me going through the newer ones. Even if you never post again, I’m grateful for that.

  12. Im crying because i guess its official now.

    I found your blog in 2004. I got my first joe toy as a kid and this website had me eating everything up that was joe related.

    I would honestly open your reviews over and over again to look at the toys i wanted.

    Your diostories were such a godsend to me. I loved reading them, many times, always waiting so long to see the next one. I remember when you ended reunions.

    This place was home, and you were by far the most iconic person on the net for me. I honestly respected you soooo much because you were synonymous with the brand for me.

    Now it feels like its really over. The Con is ending, the toyline is going dark for a while and now you. This site, joe dios, tims corner, violentfix, wowboys world (i think it was called that), that one shot by tim ellison that never saw its sequel, it all meant so much to a kid like me, and you are partly responsible for my talent in writing and story execution.

    This is crazy, seeing how it all ends. But i knew it couldn’t be forever. It just feels like my childhood really is over now. I loved it, and boy am I gonna miss it.

    Stay safe, and pursue what you love. You did so much more for the fandom than you can imagine. I’ll always respect that.

    Yo joe!

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