GeneralsJoes Reviews Boss Fight Studio Bucky O’Hare!

A year ago, if you told me I’d be reviewing Bucky O’Hare figures on this site, I would have said you were full of it.  But here we are!

You can thank the fine folks at Boss Fight Studio for not only acquiring the awesome Hama/Adams/Golden license, but for also absolutely killing it with the toy design and production.  These are some fantastic, fun toys made as a labor of love and you can really tell.

Check out my brand spanking new Bucky O’Hare Review Page or click the links below to see what I thought!


5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Boss Fight Studio Bucky O’Hare!

  1. Justin, I emailed you a couple weeks back but perhaps it got lost in the spam folder.

    Two questions: IDW’s The Complete GI Joe. I have a complete run of the original Marvel Comics of GI Joe, but have always wanted a hardcover set with updated color. IDW set out to re-print the whole run in The Complete GI Joe, averaging about 12 issues per book. As of today they have only published 8 out of what may likely be close to 20 books. #8 came out nearly 2 years ago, and #9 was supposed to be released in June of this year. As of today it still has not been published.

    Do you know anything about this?

    Between you and me I wish they would release the whole run in a 3 or 4 book series, Omnibus style like Marvel. I’m curious what your thoughts would be on this matter and was slightly surprised you’ve made no mention of this on your site. As you seem to know a lot of behind-the-scenes people I was hoping you could shed some light here.

    Second question: forever ago you said you were remodeling your basement to display your collection. I thought you were going to provide updates, but I haven’t seen any. A while back you told someone that one of your videos would show a little of what you’ve done, but I haven’t seen anything.

    Just wondering: Why didn’t you show the process of your remodeling as you had initially planned (or did I miss it)? I need inspiration, my friend, and I would love some insight into how you make your collection work within the confines of marriage and family.

    Would you mind having a section on your site that shows off your entire collection?

  2. As for the complete run of IDW’s G.I.Joe, I don’t have an answer, unfortunately. I’m not sure why the project was apparently abandoned (though I have to think it has been) though perhaps the clearest indication as to why would be just to look at the coming and going of several G.I. Joe titles by IDW over the years. Seems as though perhaps the Joe brand at IDW isn’t healthy enough to subsidize the costs for producing these complete collections.

  3. Well I’m an idiot. I never thought to check my own spam folder until you said something, and I just did and you were right. Thank you SO much for writing back.

  4. I stopped buying single issues years ago and solely purchase hardcover collections now. I got Volume 1 of the Complete Collection last year and was very pleased.
    I plan on getting more, but I’m also discouraged that this series of books will be ending prematurely.

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