A Love Letter to Lanard for The Corps!

I don’t talk about The Corps! on this site a whole lot, but trust me when I say, they’ve often found a place among my G.I. Joe figures (especially in my Dio-Stories).  Apparently I’m not alone!

Dustin over on The Dragon Fortress brought together a bunch of like-minded Joefans who all spoke their praises about The Corps, and he posted an awesome article on his site.  Lots of familiar contributors with lots of fun stuff to say.

Boogie on over to The Dragon Fortress and check it out, it’ll take you back to a simpler and better time when Steve Wyoming was the hero America needed.


3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Lanard for The Corps!

  1. This is amazing. The CORPS are such a fun and oddly mysterious bunch. Great to see so much time, thought and research put into them. Is there a new o-ring CORPS series available? Hard to find in Canada.

  2. I can’t deal with them. I know they are basically GI Joe, but I can’t accept them. Never could.

  3. I own a Corps! truck and like it. Some of the figure helmet designs are excellent.

    Providing toys at a low price is important. GI Joe hasn’t always been super interested in doing that. So respect to Lanard on that level.

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