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The Collectors Club seems to have a thing for jet packs, huh?  Last year they released two 5-Packs of JUMP repaints, and then this year, the B.A.T.s have their own “rocket packs” they can use to launch airborne salvos at their BattleForce: 2000 enemies.


This rocket pack is the retooled version that we got as part of the Rise of COBRA line as a Target exclusive several years back, and I have to admit I don’t truly understand the idea behind this particular vehicle.  G.I. Joe released small form factor “jet packs” in 1982 in the form of the JUMP, so I’m a bit curious why five years later in 1987 the jet pack was somehow larger and more cumbersome than it was in ’82.  Heck the ’87 jet pack even looked more clumsy than the Claw which was mostly the same exact thing a few years earlier.

I’ve never been a big fan of the design of this particular rocket pack, it’s basically a large square thing with teeny wings and four top-mounted cannons which isn’t all that streamlined or aerodynamic.


In the capacity of this convention set, though, it’s actually not too bad.  I could see COBRA strapping B.A.T.s to this massive, fuel-loaded rocket pack and just basically throwing them headlong into G.I. Joe enemies with no concern for their well-being.

The color scheme works as well, being mostly black with the right hints of orange and green to match the aesthetic of the B.A.T.s within this convention set.  I do like the colors, and I get the idea, but this doesn’t feel like an item that’s a critical piece of the set.

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It always struck me as odd that we got some really small, streamlined jetpacks in 1982/83 when the Real American Hero line first launched, then four years later we got these that appeared to be a step backwards in streamlined engineering. I've never really loved the '87 jet pack, though it actually works a bit better for a fully-encased B.A.T. autonomous drone/weapon type of system than its original purpose. Design wise its boxy and clunky, but there's some fun to be had and I like how they matched up the colors.


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