G.I. Joe Convention 2017 BattleForce: 2000 Conquest X36

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Conquest X36Con Set Recap


In 1987 Maverick piloted the Vector, a brand new, pseudo-futuristic jet as an addition to the G.I. Joe air arsenal which was even featured a few times in the G.I. Joe comics.  Fast forward several years and even though he’s dead, he gets an upgrade to a new variation of the Conquest, this time marked the X-36 instead of the typical X-30 moniker.

Fans got pretty excited when they saw the artwork for this potential upgraded plane in the convention comic with the wing format looking remarkably like the COBRA Hurricane.  But alas, when the actual physical items were revealed, it was a Conquest repaint, a new deco for the newly molded 25th Anniversary Conquest.


The new version of the Conquest originally released several years ago was a marketable improvement over the ’86 original.  The fins stayed in far better as well as the missiles, though beyond those structural improvements, the plane looked much the same.  This one does as well.  The swept wing design of the Conquest looks nicely futuristic, although the shape of the plane is so iconic for G.I. Joe that it’s tough to see it as anything other than a Conquest with a different paint scheme.


That being said they did a decent job mirroring the paint scheme of the Vector, and it matches Maverick pretty well, too.  I like the fact that the decal work is all applied with paint apps rather than actual stickers.  The vehicle is a pretty fun addition to the growing convention air force and makes for a neat foil for the Sky Serpent.  I’m not sure it’s worth the cost that it requires to acquire one, but on its own merits it works.

G.I. Joe Conquest X-36
  • Vehicle Design
  • Paint Deco
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The familiar design of the Conquest with a pretty nice updated Vector-specific paint scheme gives us a BattleForce: 2000 aircraft that works relatively well. The clean white with blue trim is a nice combination and it's an appealing looking vehicle, though a bit of a tough sell at convention exclusive prices.


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