Joe DeClassified Booth at the Edmonton Expo was beyond awesome

This past weekend was the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, which featured a terrific appearance by the fine folks at JoeDeClassified.

They posted a wealth of amazing art and pre-production items, and provided some images for folks to check out, even those of us who couldn’t attend.

Check out all of the images over on the JoeDeClassified Facebook Page, I’ve mirrored just a couple of them below.

  • Ian Gallagher

    I was there and it was great! Lots of great stuff to look at.

    As well, when my son and I walked by the second time, Larry Hama was just sitting there all by himself!!! We chatted for about 15 minutes and he gave my son some excellent drawing and writing tips. Larry is an extremely nice man and it was amazing to make a connection with the maker!