IDW Publishing’s Reinvention of Visionaries – Love or Hate, nothing in between

Part of the whole HasCon weekend experience was a first look at IDW Publishing’s new Visionaries comic (well, technically Transformers vs. Visionaries comic) and the first glimpse at the design aesthetics for these more modern Visionaries.

So far, as one would expect, the reactions have been visceral, with a lot of hate being piled upon them.  Myself?  Honestly?  I love them.


I won’t lie, I’ve been more than a little discouraged by IDW’s recent track record with G.I. Joe comics (aside from Hama and Gallant’s stellar continued work on ARAH) and as much as I’ve tried to get into and excited for Revolution, Revolutionaries and First Strike, I can’t quite get as pumped up as I want to be.

However, this first look at the Visionaries?  I’m loving it.  Over at Visionaries.Net, they’ve really  dissected the reveals and taken a deep dive into this first peek into this side of the Hasbro universe and have done a spectacular job at it, too.  If you have even a passing interest in Visionaries, you need to hit and see the cool stuff they’re doing.


Check out some of the mirrored images below, courtesy of IDW, but a bunch more are also over at  Some good stuff.

3 thoughts on “IDW Publishing’s Reinvention of Visionaries – Love or Hate, nothing in between

  1. I generally HATE these new looks. Far too grungy/”Mad Max” for my liking, althro Cindarr and Witterquick’s new looks have possibilities. Also, assuming they had to make it more racially diverse, they did the right thing in making Wiiterquick Asian and Ectar black.

  2. Yeah, I like these new designs, they give a more fantasy feel to the characters and still stay true to magic element of them. Making Witter Quick a Samurai guy was great thinking and Leoric new look is very cool Unfortunately, I know the Hasbro figures for these will probably suck, they will cheap and/or throw in some stupid gimmick.

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