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Although I’m not a diehard fantasy fan or anything, I’m still very familiar with Orcs and the basic background of their monstrous race.  Including them as part of the Vitruvian HACKS fantasy series makes a lot of sense and I anticipate some pretty cool stories evolving from these creatures.


As with the majority of Series 1, Boss Fight Studio manages to take some existing tooling with some interesting new additions to really evolve the figure and character.  The Orc Conqueror’s torso is all new tooling and they did a great job with it, making it look worn and beaten.  As with the Knight, the magic really happens when you start layering on the additional secondaries, however.  The Orc suspenders cover the armor well and add some great detail with the cross-strapping and the circular emblem in the center, and the fur covered belt does the same, managing to cover a chunk of the armor, but not reduce articulation at all.


The same fur texture is used in gauntlets and boot covers which, again give the figure some nice bulk and great design (not to mention the potential for customizers) while underneath it all is the familiar bare arms and HACKS construction system we’re all used to.

Also like the knight, the Orc Conqueror comes with removable shoulder pads that are more narrow than the knight and sculpted with a nasty trio of spikes that give the figure a great, menacing look.


The Orc Conqueror’s legs are sculpted in baggy, bulky pants which add to the menace, with some great spiked thigh armor that is removable.  It stays in fairly well, but if you’re serious in keeping the thigh armor in place permanently, you may want to consider a little glue.  I didn’t have huge problems with them, but if you pose them frequently, you could jar them loose for sure.  A recurring theme so far with the Fantasy figures are additional heads, and the Orc comes with a pair of them as well, one bearded and one clean-shaven and they both look fantastic.  The sharp fangs, the furrowed brow, and the menacing scowl all combine together to give us a great 1:18 scale version of everyone’s favorite fantasy bad guy.


So, there you have it.  As one of the main enemies of Series 2, the Orc Conqueror is a great base figure with some nice new tooling.  Now, what about the accessories?



Yeah, the accessories rock, as expected.  I already mentioned the various fur sculpted compliments, but didn’t even mention the fur cape, which hooks into the pegs of the shoulder pads, and is then held in place there when the pads hook to the figure.  The Orc Conqueror comes with the same helmet system as the knight, which accommodates two separate skull-themed helmets, one bearded and one not.  The face plates are really awesome and give a nice look to any Orc trooper variants you manage to assemble.  The primary Orc helmet is somewhat similar to the knight’s, with the wing ornamentation, but the Orc’s looks much more devilish and evil than the knights, providing an excellent contrast while maintaining a similar look.

Along with the secondary pieces, the Orc Conqueror also comes with a massive hammer (which separates into two pieces and as evident in Blasted Land Orc images, can be customized into different weapons) and a sword that looks as if it were carved from solid stone.  The sculpting and design work on the sword is absolutely incredible.  It’s one of my favorite edged weapons in the line, without hesitation.


This figure makes for a perfect cannon fodder foil against the knights, faerie’s and elves that are already making their way into the Series 2 ranks.  He’s mean, he’s nasty, and he comes with a brutal assortment of forged weaponry that carries with it a ton of character.  This is one nasty looking bad guy.

Orc Conqueror
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Brutal, aggressive, and downright mean, it's not often that you get an accurate sense of a character's personality just by looking at their 1:18 scale representation. You certainly do here, though. One look at the Orc and you know what kind of nasty character he is. Green skin, skull-themed helmets and evil looking accessories only serve to further prove that suspicion. A great looking figure and perfect enemy for the fantasy series.


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