More in hand images of JoeCon 2017 exclusives – with filecards

Thanks to folks on the ground in Orlando, I’ve got another gallery of JoeCon exclusive images for you, including a few filecards!  Check them out below.

G.I. Joe Convention 2017 Parachute Drop

This morning was the always exciting parachute drop for the 2017 G.I. Joe Convention and both Phil from YoJoe and Chris from The Full Force were on hand to capture the excitement!

I’ve got images and YouTube video below straight from Orlando, Florida.  Almost like being there…  almost.

In hand look and video review of 2017 G.I. Joe Convention Vector X-36

Good friend Chris of The Full Force comes through again from JoeCon in Orlando with an awesome in hand look and video review for the JoeCon exclusive Vector X-36 Jet!

Check out a bunch of images of the Vector w/ Maverick and the video review embedded below.  Awesome stuff from Chris, huge thanks!