G.I. Joe San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Revealed

…and it’s a pretty awesome and pleasant surprise!

io9.com has revealed that the 2017 SDCC G.I. Joe exclusive will be a reproduction of the previous Sears Exclusive Cobra Missile Command center with an MSRP of $50.

By the looks of it, the set will include a vintage style box slightly modernized cardboard reproduction of the command center itself, and three figures.

The figures are a combination of parts and pieces from previous releases of figures, and COBRA Commander features his “Mickey Mouse” style logo.  A very interesting choice, with some neat vintage spirit.  Check out the full details at io9.com and the images below.

2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Revealed

  1. Awesome. But $50 for 3 repacked figures and reprinted cardboard? Come on Hasbro. Oh, I forgot. The cost of cardboard has skyrocketed since 1982.

  2. The SDCC prices have been sucky for the past few years. And like you said, 3 repacked figs and cardboard isn’t a great deal for $50 plus shipping. Looks like another exclusive I will be passing on, like the last two years.

    I guess this is better than figures I want but sell out before I can get them, though (Jinx, Cold Slither Zatanna, Sarge.)

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