G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 6.0 Reveal Roundup

So I’ve fallen a bit behind on the FSS 6.0 reveals and the Club has kept pushing them out fast and furious.  Along with Sub Zero, we’ve now seen the following:

Night Stalker Commander


Based off of the Collectors’ Club’s own 2007 Night Stalker Commander from that year’s Convention Set, it’s a repaint and slight rebuild of their female COBRA Trooper.



Using Tollbooth’s head and a nice mix of somewhat recent parts (at least from the waist up, though honestly, those later generation Zap legs ain’t half bad).  This is one of the better reveals so far!



I always love seeing some of the new blood from the 2002 – 2005 era getting some plastic love, but this one isn’t real pretty.  That vest is too small and rides way too high.  I can think of several alternatives that would have worked better.  And what’s up with the black collar?



Yay, Z-Force!  Any excuse to get some cool Z-Force figures are good ones, and Skip looks pretty sharp.  I would have loved a head that allowed for a removable beret, but this is cool, too.



The colors match up, and he’ll look really good next to TJBang.  I don’t really get the use of the Storm Shadow torso underneath the webgear, and it feels like there’s a little too much going on there.  I can think of a few different purposes for that wacky head sculpt, too…

So far we’re halfway through the reveals for the latest Figure Subscription Service… a pretty eclectic group of characters this time around, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 6.0 Reveal Roundup

  1. Big fan, so far. A little bummed by Crosshair, but only because i think the old versions were so well done. My favorite reveal thus far has been Headman-Ninja, as it has pretty much solidified my plans to go to Joe-Con next year. :-)

  2. Crosshair is easy enough to fix. The original figure does have a black collar or scarf around his neck, though it’s not that large or pronounced. Webgear can be swapped though I might just use his O.G. ghillie suit. I would definitely swap out his rifle – I’m not a fan of how flimsy those collapsible 50th guns are.

  3. The original Dojo isn’t very good but this one is worse. Some soft goods tied to the Storm Shadow gear would be better than stacking two secondary pieces on top of each other. The original had a Ninja Turtle-type mask with like a monk ponytail. This is a Hamburglar mask with a balding geek ponytail. And I can’t remember if Headman was balding in the comic but he definitely had a full head of hair in the cartoon.

    I think the original Cross Hair figure had a black bandanna around his neck like he’d pull it up over his mouth for further coverage while in the ghillie suit. Also, had a green jacket over the thermal. Hasbro and Fun Pub’s are both pretty generic looking though.

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