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Back in the 1980s if you were a Marvel Comics reader like I was, you often wondered who some of these characters were and why you couldn’t have them in plastic form.  One of the first characters I noticed that with was General Flagg, who was the initial organizer of the G.I. Joe team, leading Colonel “Hawk” Abernathy and his team of twelve operatives against the seemingly insurmountable COBRA forces.


Turns out those forces truly were insurmountable, and in issue #19, General Flagg was killed by Major Bludd.

While we wouldn’t get an action figure version of this General Flagg until the comic packs in 2005, his son, General Lawrence Flagg, Jr. made an appearance in the Battle Corps line, and the G.I. Joe Collectors Club elected to pay tribute to that version of the character here in the FSS.  Interestingly, they opted to focus on the second version of General Flagg rather than the previous version, perhaps because the original Flagg looked quite a bit like General Hawk.


I’m glad to see the Club getting back into the Battle Corps arena, though I can think of a dozen or so characters I would have preferred to have been revisited before General Flagg.  That being said, they did a decent job on the figure build itself.  Using the Retaliation Firefly torso and arms is a good approximation of the leather bomber jacket and the thick pants work well for his legs as well.  His head is a reuse that’s been seen countless times before (and somewhat obnoxiously is used for Sneak Peek, a figure released in the exact same month’s shipment of the FSS).  The hat fits on this head relatively well, though not perfectly.


As mentioned above, the Club went with the second iteration Battle Corps color scheme (similar to what they did with Night Creeper Leader a time or two ago) which is a bit questionable, though it matches how I used Flagg in my dio-story, so honestly I’m pretty okay with it.  His black jacket and lighter green pants look pretty cool, and offer a different aesthetic than General Hawk.



Flagg comes with some pretty neat gear.  He’s got his removable hat, submachine gun, pistol that slides into his holster, and a version of City Strike Destro’s briefcase.  While I like the idea of the reused briefcase, the sculpted piles of money with “Top Secret”, etc… randomly tampoed in strange places doesn’t really do the idea justice in my opinion.


I’m surprised that the Club focused on General Flagg at this stage of the game, especially this version of Flagg.  He’s a critical character in my dio-story and I’m glad to see him done in this modern format, but it seems like even within the realm of Battle Corps itself there are quite a few other, better alternatives.

Still, the execution is surprisingly well done, and I dig the accessories, even if the briefcase is a bit of a head scratcher.

FSS 5.0 General Flagg
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I always love seeing more Battle Corps, though I can think of a number of subjects that would have been better served before General Flagg. That being said, they did a good job matching the vintage aesthetic with modern parts, maintaining the old school look with newer sculpting and articulation. The accessories are certainly creative, if the execution could have used a little more polish, specifically on the briefcase.

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2 thoughts on “General Flagg (Figure Subscription Service)

  1. Technically, this figure uses the Rise of Cobra “Paris Pursuit” Storm Shadow torso (which was repurposed for one of the Retaliation Firefly figures, but the more screen-accurate version had a completely unique body).

  2. I like him. He looks like a tank commander to me. He has a General Patton quality to me.

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