GeneralsJoes Reviews latest Vitruvian HACKS Series 1 Releases

It’s been an exciting ride over the past year and it’s with mixed emotions that I post my review for the final three main figures in the Series 01 Vitruvian HACKS line!  These three figures are the final wrap up to the Greek Mythology series (at least barring the upcoming Kokomo Toys exclusive) and they are certainly ending on a very high note.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Eos Warrior

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01-eos-warrior-front 02-eos-warrior-back

To say I was pleasantly surprised with the Helios Warrior we received a short while ago would be a massive understatement, so at least I was somewhat prepared for what to expect from the Eos Warrior that just arrived at my mailbox last week.  Even being so prepared, however, I found it difficult to contain my excitement over getting yet another God and Titan inspired enchanted warrior to fight against the Gorgon Horde.


While Helios is the Greek Titan representing the sun, his sister Eos is a “titaness” or goddess representing the dawn.  It makes sense for the two siblings to work together in order to provide supernatural help to human kind.

Like the Helios Warrior, the Eos Warrior is produced with a fantastic translucent orange hue which I can only explain as “blood orange”.  It’s a distinctly different, more vibrant color than the translucent orange blank and creates this look that truly feels representative of solidified flame.


I was pretty amazed at how similar this female figure is to her male counterpart, from the figure’s base color, to the rich candy apple red of the armor, to the Phoenix logo on the torso armor as well as the shield itself.  They even come with the same accessory compliment.

Like the Helios Warrior, this figure is vibrant and striking, immediately standing out on display among even other colorful offerings.  There is an exceptional punch to the color contrast, resulting in a spectacular looking aesthetic that truly feels handed down from the Gods.  As with every figure we get from Boss Fight Studio, the construction, articulation and design are spot on, each color choice nearly perfectly complimenting another, and pairing the Eos Warrior next to the Helios Warrior just creates this perfect book end experience and I enjoy having them as additions to the Spartan/Gorgon conflict.


If anything I wish Boss Fight had dipped into more supernatural entities like Poseidon to reflect other environments.  Of course, there are blanks available to do this for anyone who truly wants to…



The Eos Warrior comes with a nice variety of accessories, with the Amazon torso armor, skirt, and leg armor and the same Gorgon/Amazon gauntlets that most female warriors come with.  She also has three separate swords (the same ones that Helios Warrior came with) and a great Phoenix deco shield.


Eos Warrior looks spectacular and comes with some really great accessories, almost perfectly complimenting the Helios Warrior’s look and feel.  I love the colors, love the concept and really like how this figure came out.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Anakritis Gorgon

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01-anakritis-front 02-anakritis-back

Throughout the past year we have received several different types of Gorgons with many different paint decos, so it seems only appropriate that the last release of Greek Mythology figures contains a pair of new Gorgons, and a pair of really striking new Gorgons at that.

The Anakritis Gorgon is based on the pattern of a neon Garter snake with some excellent, vibrant colors and an intriguing pattern across the surface of the snake’s skin.  Without the armor, this very cool pattern continues along the flesh of the creature underneath and creates a very cool aesthetic.


Released with the “screaming” Gorgon head, the Anakritis is developed as an interrogator of sorts, a sinister member of the Gorgon Horde, colored in an excellent shade of blue and red.  I love the way the two colors compliment each other on the skin, both exposed and hidden behind the armor.  Certainly, the Boss Fight folks have limited tooling to currently work from, so repaints are prevalent, but the difference between how Boss Fight handles repaints and other, more mainstream companies do, is that Boss Fight really digs into the reason and purpose behind the repaints and puts together some terrific deco choices, so even repaints feel fresh, appealing, and new.


One word of caution – if you’re tempted to remove the gauntlets from the Anakritis’ arms, use a hair dryer or heat gun and be very careful.  Mine were able to be removed fairly easily, but they did cause some paint wear on the forearms underneath.  Nothing drastic, but something to watch for.



I’m glad Boss Fight went in a different direction than the typical sheath, sword, helmet, shield for their accessory compliment, however these particular Snake Blades did end up a little warped out of the package.  Far from a deal breaker, and these weapons seem to be the only ones that suffer from that occasional malady, but I did want to mention it.  I really love the vibrant metallic color shade of the blades and the shield, which contrast nicely with the flat almost stone texture of the armor and Gorgon skull helmet.


I’m on board for whatever Gorgons that Boss Fight Studio decides to produce, and the Anakritis is no exception.  I love the way the bright colors work off of each other, I like the back story, and the accessories are decent as well.  This figure builds upon the existing base of Gorgons well, but also stands apart on its own quite nicely.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Serpentess Order Gorgon

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01-serpentess-front 02-serpentess-back

Even as Boss Fight Studio revealed their first Gorgon releases, many folks were asking them about the potential for an “albino” variation of their sinister snake sisters.  Well, it took until the very end of Series 01, but they came through in a huge way with the Serpentess Order Gorgon!


But this isn’t just a plain white albino deco.  This is a clear example of why the Boss Fight Studio designers are the best in the business.  They could have decoed up a pale white figure and be done with it, but instead they worked in a very pale pink hue and created this astounding pearl-like color scheme that is just phenomenal.  I can’t quite explain the effect of the deco of the snake skin, but it looks as if it’s crafted from the surface of a valuable jewel with this slight hint of pink and a gloss that is unlike much of anything that I’ve seen on an action figure before.


This slight pink color is offset amazingly well by the translucent purple armor, gauntlet and Gorgon skull helmet, which offsets the pearl sensation of the underlying body in such a way that the figure looks almost ephemeral, which completely backs up the excellent storyline crafted around this character.


According to the bio, the Serpentess Order Gorgons are nearly mystic, with the ability to speak or understand any language, raise and commune with the dead, and produce venom that imbues the same mystical powers upon those who drink it.  The Serpentess Order is fascinating from a story standpoint and spectacular from a design standpoint.  It truly is an almost flawless combination of two key components of action figure development.



Along with the terrific paint scheme, the Serpentess Order Gorgon has wonderful accessories.  I’m a big fan of the long swords, and she has two of them in terrific crystaline color schemes, which follows the backstory of her using crystal armor and weapons as part of her mystical nature.  The transparent nature of her armor and helmet is really beautiful and with the shimmering white flesh underneath it, we have a very spiritual looking figure.  Great, great accessories to go along with a spectacular figure.


I can’t say enough good things about the Serpentess Order.  She has a great backstory, an astounding and understated paint scheme, and terrific overlay of fun (and functional) accessories.  This is just about as good as it gets, folks.  Pick her up!

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