The Marissa Faireborn mystery has been revealed…

First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to Josh over at YoJoe who has been doing spectacular work with their comic archive, tying the IDW Universe together, even as G.I. Joe has been criss-crossing continuity with other Hasbro properties.  He’s managed to make it easy to follow and make sense, and with the latest reveal of Marissa Fairborne, he goes above and beyond!  He’s written a terrific guest post for which you can read below.  Again, big props to his loyal and devoted following to the ongoing IDW continuity and how this all ties back to history.  Some really great stuff!

Big News in the GI Joe and Transformers world has just happened in the IDW comic Optimus Prime #3!

An event literally 30 years in making has finally been confirmed (In continuity).

Summaries of all of the different series can be read at, so you can follow the stories.

Yes, its official, Marissa Faireborn of The Transformers Earth Defense Command is the daughter of GI Joe’s Flint.  And they actually sit down together in a coffee shop and talk.

For 20 years it was only rumored that Marissa was related to Dashiell and the mother was a mystery.  Outside of a DVD commentary, no cartoon, comic or other media has ever confirmed their relationship.

Now for the first time ever and within the IDW continuity, the Joe and Transformers worlds have been combined allowing a long time meeting between Flint and Marissa to happen.

Both GI Joe (not ARAH which is written by Larry Hama) and the Transformers along with Action Man, MASK, ROM and Micronauts are all included in the IDW continuity.  The mini-series Revolution recently tied all of the Hasbro properties together into one universe.

But one mystery that has never been solved officially in any cannon is who is Marissa Faireborn’s mother?

Let’s dive into some Transformers and GI Joe history that got us to this huge reveal.

First, in 1985 Series Four of GI Joe A Real American Hero toys, a character named Flint aka Dashiell Faireborn was released.  He actually premiered in GI Joe: the Revenge of Cobra cartoon episode #1 “In Cobra’s Pit” on Sept 10th 1984, he is voiced by actor Bill Ratner.  Flint has been a leader of the Joe since his first arrival in toys, comics or cartoons.  And in both the comics and cartoons his love interest is fellow GI Joe Lady Jaye aka Alison Hart-Burnett, who also was released in Series Four.  Flint’s in continuity cartoon stories took place in the 1980s.

On September 16th, 1986 a new character named Marissa arrived in the second episode of the third season of the cartoon The Transformers.  The title of the episode was called the “Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2”.  Marissa Faireborn was part of the Earth Defense Command (EDC) that was helping and fighting the Transformers on Earth.  In the timeline of the Transformers series continuity, Captain Faireborn was living in 2005.

At the time of Marissa’s premiere on the cartoon, GI Joe and Transformers had no official connection between the toy lines.  This was the first hint of many crossovers to come in the 30 year history of Hasbro toys and the Faireborn family.

In The Transformers cartoon episode called “The Killing Jar” with had an airdate of Sept 29th, 1986.  Disguised as a shuttle, the Transformers Quintesson ship docks with an EDC space station, and Marissa Faireborn is lured on board by an illusion of her father.  Although not officially called Flint, this character is voiced by the same actor Bill Ratner who performed Flint in the regular GI Joe cartoon.  “Flint’s” appearance in this episode has him with grey hair in his 60s, still active with the military and in good if not distant relations with Marissa, at least well enough for the projection to fool her.

Happening in another part of the Hasbro universe, released in January 1987 in Marvel comics, was a completely different kind of crossover between GI Joe and the Autobots.  Writer Michael Higgins wrote an official in the ARAH continuity 4 issue mini-series called GI Joe and The Transformers.  Now this mini-series does not contain nor reference Flint, Marissa or even the Earth Defense Command.  But forever became official A Real American Hero cannon, whether the fans liked it or not.

Over in the United Kingdom, on August 8th, 1987 issue #125 of Marvel’s UK The Transformers is released with an original crossover story called Ancient Relics Part One. The rest of this story also appears in the Marvel UK Action Force comic #24 titled Ancient Relics Part Two, #25 is Part Three, #26 Part Four, #27 is Part Five.  Flint is the leader of Action Force in the UK, when in the London underground a Transformer is discovered and it’s Megatron. Autobots Wheeljack, Grimlock and Blades all fight with Flint and his Action Force team against Megatron.  Additionally, the Ancient Relics storyline was reprinted in 5 parts in the UK’s Action Force Monthly (Issues #1-6) in 1988 which in America is called European Missions (Issues #1-6) as in 1988.  It has always been debatable whether European Mission is officially part of the ARAH continuity.  But either way it is still an original story that crosses over Flint with The Transformers, presumably before Marissa was even born.

6 years later in 1993, The Transformers appear within the GI Joe A Real American Hero comic starting with issue #139 until #142.  Now this is officially within the ARAH continuity.  Megatron shows up and partners with Cobra Commander and of course the Joes fight them.  At the conclusion of #142, Marvel’s The Transformers Generation 2 becomes a spin off comic book series starting with #1.  The GI Joe’s only appear in 3 issues of the series and Flint appears in Transformers Generation 2 #6.

Since GI Joe and Transformers first official crossed over they have since crossed over in comics numerous times with several different publishers since 1993.  Generally, each of these is their own continuity and the publisher’s were Devil’s Due Publishing, Dreamwave and IDW.   The Dreamwave Transformers GI Joe series has the Joes fighting in World War II against The Transformers.  This series introduces Nathaniel Faireborn who is Flint’s father and Marissa’s grandfather. In the Devil’s Due crossover series Flint actually goes to Cybertron.  In Dreamwave’s G1 Transformers series Marissa now holding the rank of Commander, rather than Captain, portrayed as a member of the EDC, which in the Dreamwave continuity clandestinely handles terrestrial/extraterrestrial encounters. Following the Transformers’ return to activity on Earth early 21st century, The Transformers plans were stopped, but Marissa’s superior officer did not share her fondness for the Transformers. Dreamwave’s bankruptcy and subsequent closure left remaining stories of Marissa Faireborn untold.

Marissa was a key character in US the Transformers cartoon series but never appeared in a Marvel comic in the 1980s.  In the 1990s in a comic in Japanese, Manga style, that was never released in America and connected to a radio series, this is called KISS Players.  Marissa as a child in the 1990s, lived in New York, where she met and became friends with Shaoshao Li, who developed an extremely strong attachment to her. The young Marissa resented her military father, so when one of his missions went awry and she and her father had to be rescued by Optimus Prime, she quickly came to view the Autobot leader as a surrogate father figure… and perhaps a little bit more.

Ok, so that covers comics and cartoon references between Flint and the Joes and Marissa and the Transformers.  In recent years the toys have started to crossover Joes and Transformers and the Transformers and GI Joe Collector’s Club in 2015 released a Marissa Faireborn toy, see the GeneralsJoes toy review.

But who is Marissa’s mother.

Fans speculated for two decades that the character Marissa Faireborn in Transformers is his daughter, since they both share the same last name. The writers of both shows remained coy whether Marissa Faireborn was actually Flint and Lady Jaye’s daughter or not. However, cast notes for “The Killing Jar” refer to Marissa’s father as being “a 60-year-old Flint”. The mystery was finally solved on November 7, 2006, with the 20th anniversary DVD release of The Transformers: The Movie. On an interview on the DVD, Flint Dille, story editor for Transformers, confirmed that Marissa Faireborn is indeed Flint and Lady Jaye’s daughter.  This would subsequently make Marissa a distant relative of Destro as well. However, in an interview with G. I. Joe fansite Joe Headquarters, Dille added the caveat that “I’ve always thought of Flint as being too young to have a daughter that old.”

And now you know and knowing is half the battle.  But we don’t know who Marissa’s mother is within the IDW continuity.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Depending how strictly you call these things, IDW might be the second in-continuity confirmation. There was a script reading at Joecon 2013 with Ratner and McDonald-Lewis. In it, Lady Jaye reveals to Flint that she’s pregnant and they share a moment considering the name Marissa. Pete Sinclair firmly states that the entire point of the script is to connect Flint and Lady Jaye to Marissa Faireborn, and since Fun Pub was a license-holder for both brands the script reading is ostensibly official fiction (as a number of the Botcon script readings were). Really it all comes down to how seriously a few minutes of table-reading that were done several decades after both shows ended “counts” toward their continuity.
    There’s a video here:

  2. It can’t be Lady Jaye unless she was married to Howard Bishop in between giving birth to Marissa, and getting divorced from him. I can send you a photo of the card if you like.

  3. Presumably you’re referring to IDW comics, which is a totally different continuity beast than the Sunbow cartoons from the 80s. Justin’s claim is that Marissa’s parentage has never been addressed in ANY continuity, and I’m saying that the script reading (which would apply to the Sunbow cartoons and not IDW comics) makes that debatable.

  4. That first sentence doesn’t indicate that the entire post was about IDW though. Again, I was addressing the claim that IDW was the first confirmation in
    ANY continuity: “IDW might be the
    second in-continuity confirmation”–I did not say this was “the second conformation in IDW continuity” or something like that. I also specifically called out the “shows”, and within the first minute of the video that I was talking about it’s very clear that the 80s cartoons are being addressed.

    I apologize if anything I said comes off as rude. That’s not at all my intent. I do see that I could have been a little clearer with what I said (I actually could have sworn I even mentioned “Sunbow cartoons” in my original post, but I must have edited that out). I’m not trying to pull any “READ BETTER” crap on you here, I’m just trying to clarify what I said and meant. As Justin’s article shows, Marissa is a character who has a lot of history, but a lot of it is random and vague. I was bound to mess up addressing it! :)

  5. More importantly, other dude who writes article with hundreds of words to get to asking a big question, then ignores the definitive answer he gets 5 minutes after posting. Do you think he bothers to read the comments?

  6. Hello, I am Josh from YoJoe the author of the article. So to answer a couple questions about the debate here in comments. No where in my research for the article did the script reading about Lady Jaye pregnancy come up on any website using regular Web searches. So it’s a very vague reference that doesn’t show up on any of the official information website regarding Marissa.

    And second the point of the article is that in 30 years IDW did something no other media has ever done Marissa say Dad to Flint’s in person. They interact and will continue in the IDW continuity to interact. It is something special.

    Also those IDW cards where impossible to find so i left them out. And in the current Optimus Prime #4 that was released on Wed 22nd there is more talk about her mother between them but the name isn’t given in canon yet.

  7. OK nice to meet you. I just thought it’s funny – you write this huge long article which makes it sound like such a big deal mystery who her mum is. And then when I post the answer you’re looking for, nothing, no reply, not a thank you or anything. And then when you do finally post, you post the scan of the answer, which I guess you had all along then. Like, why bother.

  8. Anyway I don’t even care that much, I have no idea who Howard Bishop is, I thought he was a character in Neighbours. and I can’t stand IDW’s reboots on the whole. I only bothered to post because I happened to have the answer to hand and figured those collectors cards are relatively hard to come by.

  9. This was really a mystery? Did you guys not believe Cobra Commander and Old Snake were the same guy until the GIJCC made a figure? And Marissa Faireborn wasn’t the first connection between GI Joe and Transformers. Hector Ramirez and Daina both appeared on the Transformers cartoon before she did.

  10. You realize that her mother’s name has still not been mentioned. And the majority of the article is highlighting Flint and Marissa not here mother’s relationship. And the very big significance of her actually saying DAD and them meeting in person as father and daughter. The article is not about her mother since we still do NOT know who she is. Even in Optimus Prime #4 where they talk about they don’t name her. So its still a mystery. And when they do reveal it in the next couple of issues (my guess) that will be big news also.

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