The next evolution of military action figures – Marauder Valkyries Reviewed

Ever since getting my first few figures as part of the Kickstarter shipment a couple of weeks back, I’ve been feeding for more and starving to get a review posted.  Well, this past week I got both accomplished!

As soon as I got my grubby mitts on the first few Valkyries figures, I immediately needed more and made a purchase from within a few days.  Once I received that shipment, any love I had for this new generation of Task Force figures and accessories only sky-rocketed.

I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface with how cool these figures are, and I’ve spent hours swapping parts, gluing gear down and just mixing and matching.  It’s pretty astounding just how incredible these toys are.  Designed to near perfection by Boss Fight Studio, with the folks at Marauder developing a spectacular concept, these truly are the best of all worlds.

Check out my review at the Marauder Task Force Review page, or the direct link below.  Spoiler Warning – I’m pretty much in love.


2 thoughts on “The next evolution of military action figures – Marauder Valkyries Reviewed

  1. I would safely declare MTF and the Valkyries as one of the top 10 adult-level toy-lines of the past decade. This for a very niche-manufacturer entry is remarkable.

    And yet, what makes me take a step back is just how many people are NOT aware of these toys. There’s a large portion that thing their hobby orbits only Hasbro/Lanard and whatever end up on the shelves/pegs at TRU/Walmart/Target. There’s toy collectors who are actually suspicious of product like this because they’ve simply been oblivious to it until now, and/or don’t understand Kickstarter or have never ordered from Marauder before.

    As frustrating as that might be to come across, I’m okay with it.
    I share the knowledge of the MTF stuff where I can, but I figure the word will get out sooner or later all on its own.

  2. As soon as I can get some extra money rolling in, I am defiantly picking a few of these up to fill in the ranks of my female Joes. I still need a Cover Girl and Bombstrike, and these will work great for them.

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