Marauder Valkyries initial shipment is IN STOCK NOW!

Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled and Marauder “Gun Runners” has officially started stocking the initial allotment of their outstanding Valkyrie figures!  I just got my order last week and these are figures you will NOT be disappointed in.  Literally some of the best female figures I’ve ever held in my hands with all the customizability you’ve grown to love with the Task Force assortment.

Do not hesitate, stock will sell quick.  Hit up and grab ’em before they’re gone!


7 thoughts on “Marauder Valkyries initial shipment is IN STOCK NOW!

  1. I got a batch of these in the kickstarter, and they’re great, but there’s no instructions on what to do with all the little armour bits, and not all of them are obvious where they should go. They also fall off easily.
    Also they didn’t come with any guns, but do come with holsters which is weird. I wouldn’t mind to get the guns separately but can’t find any information about which guns go with which holsters.

  2. Any of the armor or pouches parts can be affixed with a small drop of white glue. It will not be permanent, but it will hold fast enough for some handling. This gives you the option of trying out where you like the armor to go, and if you don’t like it you can change the position simply by pulling the parts off.

    On the holsters, almost any small pistols from Hasbro can fit easily, and Marauder makes a few that work perfectly too. You can always email them and inquire as to which ones are recommended before you place an order. There’s also a couple of Facebook pages and groups devoted to Marauder products, which have posts and photos that can help in figuring out some of the items.

  3. Will you review them? I am waiting for Blue ops and Snow ops Valkyries since i’d like to take advantage of the flat shipping rate *rubbing hands in evil manner*.

  4. Yeah I emailed them but they were frankly unhelpful, and the pictures you refer to are unfortunately not very comprehensive or clear

  5. Blu-tak will work too, but I used white glue because it has a sort of “intermediate” stickiness and permanence.
    Blu-tak is great for helmets that fit a bit too loose on heads, and for pistol that fit loose in holsters.

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