GeneralsJoes Video Review – G.I. Joe 2016 Duke vs. Tombstone

I know I’ve been lagging a little bit behind on my reviews for the most recent G.I. Joe product, but now, with huuuuuuuge thanks to Chris from The Full Force podcast, we have a video review for the Duke vs. Tombstone 2 Pack!  This video was a huge undertaking as Chris combed through years of history to look at nearly every single version of Duke that exists.


Anyway, hit up the GeneralsJoes YouTube Page for the latest review, and I promise written reviews (and more video ones, too!) are on the way.


One thought on “GeneralsJoes Video Review – G.I. Joe 2016 Duke vs. Tombstone

  1. This has to be the weakest set released this year. Besides Tombstone’s head, the rest of this set is a reuse of parts from the 2010-2011 Pursuit of Cobra assortment.

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