Eagle Force Grimm Reapers Stretch Goal unlocked – surge towards the finish line!

As we get towards the finish line of the Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Campaign, Fresh Monkey Fiction has announced the early unlocking of the Grimm Reaper Troopers!  That puts this figure as part of the All In package as well as able to be purchased as an army builder 4-Pack!  It’s an excellent looking trooper with a really cool backstory to boot.

Also, details will be coming soon on a contest for a R.I.O.T. Hideout playset.

Let’s finish this thing strong, folks!  Come on, only 2 weeks left and a lotta stretch goals still to go.

  • TheGigaMach

    So, another faction? Pretty cool, but man – This KS is really ambitious. I feel like it’s over-reaching. Don’t get me wrong – I want them all, but the funding surge better come soon, because the figures I really want aren’t even unlocked yet, and I’m not going all in until we at least get to vintage Baron Von Chill.