Carla “Doc” Greer (Figure Subscription Service)

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The selection of Carla Greer for the FSS is all at once confusing, yet also makes perfect sense, especially as an entry into the 13th figure category.

From 2003 – 2004, Devils’ Due Publishing released an alternate universe G.I. Joe story entitled G.I. Joe: Reloaded which featured Duke as a COBRA double agent, Storm Shadow as a Yakuza looking guy in a white trenchcoat, and a version of Doc who was female rather than the Carl Greer we all knew and loved.  It was an interesting twist, and at the time was not a part of normal continuity.


Fast forward to 2007 and the G.I. Joe Collectors Club released the “Tanks for the Memories” Convention set.  Within that boxed set, they brought forward the idea that Carla Greer existed in the main G.I. Joe continuity and had elected to join G.I. Joe after the death of her father, the original Doc.  It was an interesting way to tap into the Reloaded series and provided the G.I. Joe team with another much needed Medic.  For that reason, it does make sense for them to then bring that character forward into the modern format, and to their credit, they do it pretty well.


She’s got a decent build, combining some Rise of COBRA era parts with some nice later generation 25th Anniversary parts, which makes for a good update to the 2007 original.  Her elbow articulation is a little restrictive, but she’s got a great look and manages to tie back some homages to the original Doc as well as her own original figure from seven years back.


I believe her head sculpt is new, it isn’t one I immediately recognize, and while it’s not phenomenal, it’s always great to have a new addition to the library of female head sculpts, which are badly needed.

The figure’s paint deco is clearly inspired by both the vintage Doc and the 2007 update, with tan, brown, and white put together in a very nice combination.  This is a really solid figure, though not one I thought I desperately needed as part of my collection.



(Image used by permission from JoeBattleLines)

Carla “Doc” Greer borrows much of her gear from her father, including the bandolier with med kit and the flare launcher.  She also has the webgear from 50th Anniversary Lady Jaye and the hypodermic needle from Lifeline.  It’s a great selection of accessories that really adds some nice design aesthetics when it’s all put on the figure.  The darker webgear and lighter bandolier contrast quite nicely with the tan uniform underneath adding some much needed flair.

Note – I somehow misplaced the hypodermic that was supposed to come with Doc, so Fred from JoeBattleLines very kindly allowed me to use some of his images for this review.  Thanks, Fred!


(Image used by permission from JoeBattleLines)


I wouldn’t have picked Doc as a necessary figure in the FSS even if you gave me 100 choices, but the execution is decent.  She makes sense as a 13th figure, one that has some great collectible elements, but not one that’s eminently desirable, and balances the execution of the figure quite nicely.  Not bad.

FSS 4.0 Carla "Doc" Greer
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Not a character I feel like I needed, but executed in a way that makes it a nice addition to the cadre of G.I. Joe medics. She's got an interesting build, some great (if somewhat derivitive) paint apps and a nice selection of decent accessories. Not a must have, but certainly a nice to have.

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  • I always thought the flare mortar would be a good spring loaded weapon

  • Steel Brigade

    Doc is her uncle, not her father.

  • Sophie Claire

    It depends on the continuity. In IDW, Doc is her father, but her filecard from 2007 had her as his daughter.