FSS 5 reveals wrap up (mostly) with Shattered Glass Xamot!

Well, it’s about time!  For over thirty years fans have been clamoring for a Sunbow inspired Tomax and/or Xamot in their Extensive Enterprises suits and now we’ve got them!

Of course, for o-ring fans there was the Crimson Guard 6-Pack from Toys “R” Us which satisfied us somewhat, but this is a full blown modern era version with the right jacket and pants colors and everything.  I’ll have to get a closer look at that flower deco, though…

Check out this final reveal at GIJoeClub.com…  but don’t fret!  There’s still Salvo.  The Club is supposedly working on a new build for him, hopefully we’ll hear something about that shortly as well.  Until then, check out all the FSS 5 entries as we know them now below!


  • Clutch

    The big question now is if Tomax will be the 13th figure or be slotted in for FSS 6 next year. My guess is the latter, much like they did with Slice and Dice.

  • Tomax doesn’t exist in Shattered Glass. Plus I really don’t see them making the 13th figure basically the same figure that is already being released. Especially not after the backlash over Grand Slam.

  • Ben

    I don’t know nothing bout no Shattered Glass but I know that painted-on flower looks dumb as hell. Also, I feel like anybody who really wanted the Crimson Twins in business suits would’ve already done this build with a pair of Professor X figures.