SKAR has a new operative – GIJCC Steel Raven revealed!

Now this is cool.

I loved G.I. Joe: Extreme conceptually, but the figures released in the mid 90s were not up to par with the earlier efforts.  Victims of the 1990s style of toy design, with dramatic sculpted poses and super hero proportions the Extreme figures weren’t necessarily bad for what they were, they just in no way dove-tailed with what had existed in the Real American Hero leading up to that point.

Considering the Kindle Worlds project I’m currently working on, I’m ecstatic to see some movement towards further integration of SKAR into G.I. Joe mythology, and Steel Raven is a great next step after the Iron Klaw we received a few years back.  My hope is that perhaps these are the first few steps towards an expanded SKAR in a convention set, maybe?  Time will tell.

Regardless, this figure looks really fun, and any time we get a character that has never been in toy form before it’s something to celebrate.  Check it out on or mirrored below.



The bad news?  Only one reveal left…well unless you count a revamped Salvo…  can’t wait to see the next entry tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “SKAR has a new operative – GIJCC Steel Raven revealed!

  1. The Extreme series of toys was more of a “Kenner” line rather than a Hasbro one in terms of static designs and minimal articulation. It resembled everything Kenner that Rhode Island dished out at the time, such as their DC Comics and Jurassic Park properties. Stuff from the mid to late 90s always made me think that it had been Kenner who’d bought Hasbro instead of vice versa.

    The club seems to care for the Extreme characters and has been integrating SKAR into its own comic universe in recent years, so I would expect a convention set sometime in the next two years at this rate.

  2. They might as well have called this Majoress Bludd. Cartoon didn’t really look like this other than she had an eye patch and wore a hat. A much better looking hat. You think they would’ve at least color matched it to their Iron Klaw.

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