Figure Subscription Service Sneak Peek revealed!

Hot on the heels of the great news about the Figure Subscription Service Salvo update, we also get a brand new reveal in the form of Sneak Peek!

Using the same basic build as the Tiger Force version from FSS 4 (only with a different vest, this classic Sneak Peek looks pretty good, straight out of the pages of IDW’s Real American Hero comic. ┬áCheck out the reveal on or mirrored below.


  • Chris

    Hope that Resolute Duke vest fits the torso. I recall it having a pretty narrow waist compared to the newer 30th/POC torsos.

  • Clutch

    Man, I can’t believe that someone finally managed to make Sneak Peek look cool after all these years. The most memorable thing he did back in the day was to die a hero’s death.