San Diego ComicCon Preview Night reveals carded images of 2016 G.I. Joe line

Over on, images from affiliate site Toyark have been mirrored giving us our first look at the carded design for the upcoming G.I. Joe line, scheduled to hit retailers in November of this year.  The fine folks at Toyark took a TON of pictures, and I’ve mirrored several of them below, but you should pop on over to to check them all out.

No real surprises here, but some nice shots and the obvious omission of the “50th Anniversary” logo on the packages.  Check it out!

  • Darth Cuddles

    Cool to see that the Wolf Squad roster has had some new members added!

  • Ben

    Is the Viper’s face plate painted instead of vac-metallized now? I can’t tell from the picture but there’s people crying about it in the Hiss Tank thread. I’m assuming that’s just a mock-up for SDCC but I’d prefer the paint cause I think vac-metal should only be reserved for heavy hitters like Cobra Commander, Destro, and Super Trooper.

    Also, the Arashikage Duel pack says Arashikage Clash on the package.

  • TheGigaMach

    Spoke with DePriest on the floor. Tombstone is Cobra’s equivalent of Duke – Their Top Sargent. I like that. Can’t wait to get those new figures in hand. I like ’em all.

  • Will pest

    Vac-Metal is a really toxic process and Hasbro has said they won’t really be doing it too much anymore.
    So it may be, but it would be a long shot.