Boss Fight Studio webstore now showing items IN STOCK and new added! has undergone a dramatic overhaul today with shifting all of their pre-order product to IN STOCK status as well as adding a wealth of new product including Army Builder packs, the new green and white blanks as well as a brand spanking new Olympus Blue Accessory Set!

Holy wow.

Check out and grab these goods while they’re in stock, and check out the full update below.


Prime 1 Studios reveals sneak peek at upcoming Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow statues

Hot on the heels of JoeCon relatively new G.I. Joe licensee Prime 1 Studios has posted a look at a couple of upcoming statues of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!

The history of G.I. Joe statuary is an interesting one, as there have been a number of great endeavors that haven’t really latched on.  Time will tell if Prime 1 is any different, but one thing is clear… the statues look pretty incredible.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were revealed on the Prime 1 Studios Instagram Page, and they’re looking pretty darn cool.  Check out the mirrored images below, but you may want to follow Prime 1 Studios on Instagram for the latest intel.

Metric ton of 2016 G.I. Joe Convention Images on

I know most of the attention at JoeCon focuses on the Hasbro booth and Club exclusives, but the truth is there is a ton of stuff that goes on at JoeCon beyond just the fancy new toys.

Phil from went above and beyond this year as he always does taking images, organizing them and posting them in the always awesome YoJoe Photo Galleries.  Custom and Diorama contest photos, Cosplay, and yes plenty of images of new toys, too.

Check out the YoJoe Photo Gallery, there’s some awesome stuff to look at there.