Licensing Expo in Las Vegas has a decidedly Hasbro look

Right now in Las Vegas, the 2016 Licensing Expo has launched, and while there is very little of consequence on display (some individual display with older and vintage items), it’s clear that Hasbro is officially pushing this Cinematic Universe pretty heavily.

Check out the images below from Collider, and thanks to for the heads up.

3 thoughts on “Licensing Expo in Las Vegas has a decidedly Hasbro look

  1. It’s like watching people board a train you know is going to crash with no way to warn them.

  2. I’m still skeptical, but I won’t lie – I like all the properties. If we can get a toy/media revival, even if just for a little while, well… I sure would like a 3.75 scale ROM, let’s put it that way.

  3. Just seeing those vintage Visionaries, ROM, Micronauts, and MASK toys make me yearn for reissues. Imagine if we could somehow get the unproduced second series of Visionaries figures and vehicles. I never thought anyone would ever remember this stuff again in my lifetime.

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