Hasbro perfects the reveal hype with Pulse crossword puzzle

Now this is pretty awesome.

Leading up to JoeCon, Hasbro has posted a nice little clue up on their Hasbro Pulse website in the form of a crossword puzzle, with the names of the entire 18 figure lineup for 2016 concealed inside!

Now, they haven’t given any clues (pretty smart if you ask me) but they’ve oriented the puzzle in a way that fans can dive into it, trying to figure it out.  Pretty brilliant if you ask me.  It’s a really fun and interesting way to build hype and get the community fired up working on something over the next two weeks to JoeCon.

Check it out right here, join the Discussion on Facebook and lets see if we can get this thing busted!  Kudos, Hasbro, the adult collecting community can sometimes lose focus on what makes their hobby fun.  You nailed this one.


  • Rob Osborne

    Nailed it–agreed!

  • PantSuitNinja

    Six down is Rock N’ Roll and one across is Outback.

  • PantSuitNinja

    One down is Scarlett and two across is Zartan.

  • Ben

    I’d agree with it being a great way to build anticipation IF Hasbro announced a new clue everyday. This zero clues thing just seems kind of lazy. And I feel like people are going to hype themselves up on nothing more than their own blind speculation so when Hasbro finally announces the lineup they’re going to end up disappointed. “Another BAT? What a load of BS. What happened to Zap? He was on the puzzle.”