Vitruvian HACKS Video Reviews – Stheno, Eurayle & Amazon Warrior

I’m approaching my video reviews for the Vitruvian HACKS second Kickstarter shipment a little differently.  I’m certainly not going to review every single figure individually, but breaking them up into “chunks” made a lot of sense.

For this first review, I’m looking at the ladies of the second shipment first, including Gorgon sisters Stheno and Eurayle as well as the vicious Amazon Warrior.  Obviously, if you prefer to read the written reviews, you can hop on over to the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page, but the video review can also be seen below!


G.I. Joe gearing up for (re)ignition?

So much for the quiet news days, eh?

Apparently  Hasbro has just participated in the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, and rumor has it they spent quite a while talking about their future entertainment and toy plans with the folks in attendance there.

According to staff with TFW2005, Hasbro actually spoke about G.I. Joe specifically, saying they were going to “reignite” and “reimagine” the G.I. Joe brand through the Cinematic Universe, and that they were even currently developing a new G.I. Joe animated series.

In a way, this should come as no major surprise.  G.I. Joe in its current iteration isn’t exactly a retail behemoth, and with a potential movie franchise on the way, you have to expect that Hasbro is looking to get back to the drawing board and push the franchise forward.  I am fully on board with this plan.

G.I. Joe as it currently stands remains a fantastic and relevant product.  Its design aesthetics, articulation, and overall style have very few peers at brick and mortal retail, in my opinion, the main issues all seem to fall around thematic ones and conceptual ones.  Continually revisiting the same themes from the past 30 years is not an innovative way to carry a brand forward, so really, with a film franchise coming, it only makes sense to jettison some things and start fresh.

By all accounts, that seems to be what Hasbro is prepared to do.

Unlike many of my collecting peers, I don’t feel handcuffed or wedded to three decades of past history, and I really look forward to seeing what new concepts Hasbro might develop to move into the 21st Century.  It will certainly be interesting to see what they do to dovetail a mostly real world military brand with these other interstellar adversaries, but I’m definitely on board to see what happens.

Check out TFW2005 and for some more specific commentary.  I think the next few years could certainly get interesting!


Animal Warriors of the Kingdom – the next great action figure Kickstarter is here!

Great news to start your June in that Spero Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign for the new Animal Warriors of the Kingdom action figure line!

Four inch scale, highly articulated action figures highlight this exciting line based on the graphic novel The Kingdom.  These are some really nice and fun looking figures that are sure to appeal to collectors and toy fans of all ages.


Jump on Kickstarter and support these bad boys, I want a Baron Kah Lee and we need to unlock some stretch goals to get to him!

IDW Publishing’s “Revolution” revealed!

UPDATE – I reached out to Chris Ryall, editor at IDW to inquire about A Real American Hero, and he confirmed that this title will be “untouched by the #IDWRevolution”.  Great news!


Well, I’m not generally one to pat myself on the back, but…

For a while, IDW Publishing has been promoting a mysterious “Revolution”, hinting at some major storyline or paradigm shift with their comics, and sure enough, Entertainment Weekly brings news that this “Revolution” happens in September.

A short while ago, I posited that this rumored “Revolution” would potentially feature an alignment of IDW’s Hasbro properties, and indeed that looks to be what’s happening here.

Revolution is a five-part biweekly series which brings the Hasbro universes together, and as a result of this coming together, the M.A.S.K. title will be born.

Now, all of this doesn’t come without its share of risks.  According to editor Chris Ryall, all titles are going to be relaunched with new #1 issues, though Ryall also stresses that this is NOT a reboot.  The universes are coalescing in new ways, but past history is not just being wiped away here.

I think this is a fascinating concept, and may hopefully provide some insight into what Hasbro might be attempting with their huge cinematic universe initiative.  We’ll see how successful things are.  To me, the real question is whether Real American Hero is going to reset, or whether this will be the birth of a new main line G.I. Joe #1.  These are questions I’m going to work to find the answers to, but for now, it seems like an interesting and exciting concept, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating the results in September.

Check out the full article with a great interview with Chris Ryall over on Entertainment Weekly.