Hasbro Pulse posts Stiletto update and hints at more to come at retail

As we move within a month of the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention, Hasbro has posted an exciting update over on their Hasbro Pulse regarding the upcoming development of Fan Vote winner Stiletto!

Along with the update, we see a first look at Stiletto’s head sculpt and what looks to be an early concept for the figure build using parts from the Rise of Cobra Agent Helix.  As a huge fan of the Helix action figure, I approve of this build big time.

Mark Weber mentions that Stiletto will appear at Toys “R” Us and Entertainment Earth in November, which surely seems to follow the familiar formula from the past couple of years, indicating that we will see some G.I. Joe product later this year.  Let’s all look forward to JoeCon to see what’s up Hasbro’s sleeves.

Check out the full article over on Hasbro Pulse, and I’ve mirrored a couple of images below.

6 thoughts on “Hasbro Pulse posts Stiletto update and hints at more to come at retail

  1. The update’s mention of her being released as part of the “2016 lineup” also leads me to believe there will be others. Here’s hoping.

  2. Glad they got rid of those armored arms and changed the color. My first thought at seeing that mock up was, “here we go again, Hasbro is still trying to make every GI Joe a ninja.” Granted I was only in the military for 4 years, but I never met a single ninja….or did I?

  3. Since it doesn’t make ANY sense for TRU to just stock one figure (to say nothing about the anti-female bias amongst retailers), there’s some hope here.

    Maybe take a lead from last time and do a quick series based around some of the harder-to-find figures from the end of the RoC / PoC eras?

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