How to lengthen Medusa’s Tail – A Vitruvian HACKS tutorial

If you’ve hung around the Facebook groups dedicated to Boss Fight Studio and Vitruvian HACKS, you’ve likely seen some folks customizing their Medusas to lengthen her tail.  The process is actually a lot simpler than I originally thought, and I whipped up a YouTube tutorial to check out the process, with thanks to Chris from The Full Force podcast!

Essentially, the most key component is that each of the tail segments are helpfully numbered (1 is the long lower body, 8 is the tip of the tail, and all other numbers fall between, in order).

Thanks to Brian and Randall over at the Boss Fighters group, the best order of the tail enhancement appears to be as follows: 1-2,3-2,3-4,5-4,5-6,7-6,7-8.

If you’re still confused, check out the YouTube video embedded below…it’s less than 10 minutes and will make life easy!


GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Wave 4

Not one to shy away from an ambitious product launch, the folks at Boss Fight Studio Kickstarted four entire waves of product all at once, not to mention a number of exclusives, accessory sets, blanks and skeletons.  It’s almost insane to look back at the sheer amount of product involved in this initial barrage, while at the same time being very appreciative of that, because now we have a lot of fun stuff to take our time while we patiently await future product news.  :)

I’ve been eagerly anticipating reviewing this particular wave of figures, mostly due to the inclusion of Stonefist, a character that I have some personal stake in.  The reviews for Wave 4 are now complete (as are reviews for all of the standard carded release figures so far) and you can find them on the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or directly linked below.



Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Disciple of Eurayle

hacks-disciple-01 hacks-disciple-02

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Every once in a while you come across a figure that you really like and the love of that particular figure and character manages to spill over into other figures in the line, and that’s precisely what’s happened here.  I was immediately captivated by Eurayle, and because I found her so great, I now find myself really enjoying the Disciple of Eurayle figures, too, her own personal highly trained strike force of completely devoted foot soldiers.  Rather than aligning herself purely with the Gorgon Horde, she is amassing herself a human army of hypnotized slaves for unknown nefarious purposes.


The figure itself is the normal male figure with a great bald head sculpt.  Impressive articulation as we’re used to, but what really sets the Disciple apart is the pale green skin tone.  It’s an awesome look and makes it really feel as if he’s infused with some kind of sinister energy (or Gorgon venom as the case may be).  He looks strong, powerful, and completely within Eurayle’s control.


Twin snake tattoos adorn his arms, adding to the intrigue with the deco choices, contrasting nicely with the lighter, more “zombie” like skin color.  It’s a great combination of interesting colors that makes him stand out among his human peers, yet also separate from the more typical Gorgon arsenal.


Wearing the same layered armor as the Myrmidon Warrior (and Talos) he looks fearful and well protected, and you can immediately picture Eurayle sending a squad of these death dealers into battle towards her own secret goal.



As mentioned, the Disciple of Eurayle comes with the great body armor of the Myrmidon Warrior (as well as Talos) including the more decorative leg armor as well.  He has a great helmet with awesome darker green deco, nicely balancing the lighter, paler green of his skin.  A familiar short sword and sheath, with the typical human shield gives him an initial burst of offense, all done up in gold color.  The snake tampo on his shield is the first indication enemy forces might have that something’s up.

I do have to mention that the longer of the two solid bladed weapons was a little warped out of the package.  Not sure why (the one that came with Eurayle was fine) or if its a persistent problem or not.


As a finishing touch, he also comes equipped with the same four knives that Eurayle comes with, too, immediately connecting the Disciples with their trusted and valued master.  It’s a really nice compliment of interesting weaponry, for sure.

The Disciple of Eurayle was another one of those figures that looked interesting during the Kickstarter, but I wasn’t entire sure how they would work into my universe.  After falling in love with Eurayle, my interest in her corner of the HACKS universe intensified greatly, and the Disciples have been caught in that wake.  A really cool addition to this world, and the figures are executed to perfection as well.

For the video review, look below.

Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Stonefist

hacks-stonefist-01 hacks-stonefist-02

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The time has finally come.  A time that I often felt would never get here…


If folks have been paying attention, I’ve been singing the praises of the Stonefist character for a while, and for good reason.  First and foremost, I’ve been fortunate enough to call the folks involved with Boss Fight Studio friends of mine for a very long time.  I’ve known many of them for over a decade, and I couldn’t be prouder of their success.


During some conversations for the Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter, I had made an offhand suggestion about a “Gorgon Hunter” character who had been partially turned to stone, but somehow had survived and swore to bring the Gorgons to justice.  From that little nugget of an idea, the Boss Fight folks ran with it and Stonefist was born!  I am extremely excited to see the character fleshed out in plastic form, and I will endeavor to approach this review as impartial as I can, but I kind of consider Stonefist my baby, so that might be tough to do.  :)


The concept behind Stonefist is that during his transformation into stone he carved out his own eyes to stop himself from looking at Medusa.  As a result of this, he was imbued with enhanced senses, and retained full functionality of his stone arm, making him perfectly equipped to track down every last Gorgon and eliminate them.


The base figure is a familiar formula, bald headed male figure with the same incredible sculpting and articulation we’ve seen elsewhere in the line.  When the base figure is as fantastic as this one is, it’s tough to complain about its reuse.  Obviously the most distinctive part of the figure is his left arm, decoed to look like an arm in mid stone transformation, and the texture is applied so nicely it looks very authentic.


Stonefist certainly appears to be Athenian, wearing the battle armor very similar to the Athenian Warrior in both texture and color, though his true history has been lost to the sands of time.  I love the brightly colored armor and its connection to Athens, although at this point, it’s tough to know whether it’s his armor or if he appropriated it during a particular hunt.

On his head there is some great deco work, representing the scars he incurred when he blinded himself during Medusa’s attack on him, and it’s another really neat touch to make the character unique.



Stonefist is loaded with some really awesome, interesting weaponry.  First, he has the standard battle helmet, only with some great face deco along the side flaps.  His shield is Athenian as well (another connection to that branch of the human army), only the eyes are scratched out as an homage to his own fate.  He has a sheath with two swords, a spear, and the same extra hands and battle stand that we’ve seen in times past.


Stonefist is awesome.  Obviously I’m a little biased, but I can’t get over how great the execution of this character is.  I love that he’s playing a strong role in the Gorgon war, and his bio card even seems to indicate his fate lies beyond the Greek Mythology timeline, which makes me giddy with anticipation of things to come.  His deco work is great, the unique accessories really carry the figure, and the fact that a character that I had some small part in creating is now a reality fills me with a sense of joy.  Being a small part of the toy world for three decades has given me some great opportunities over the years, and I consider this a highlight in all this work that I’ve done.  I can’t thank the Boss Fight folks enough for taking my little idea and really fleshing it out into someone incredible.

Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Colubrida Guard

hacks-colubrida-01 hacks-colubrida-02

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Even after three waves (plus exclusives) of frequent releases of Gorgon figures, you would think new Gorgons wouldn’t be quite so exciting, but I find myself enjoying every new release.  The Colubrida especially is an awesome entry into the Gorgon horde with a really cool, interesting new color scheme.  Based off a snake entitled the Colubrid (or Milk Snake) the primary color on this one is orange with various striations of slightly different twinges of orange and white stripes.  It’s a striking look that has a great combination of colors.


But for the Colubrida Guard, it’s about much more than just cool colors, its their backstory, too.  According to the bio cards, the Colubrida are cannibalistic, immune to other Gorgon venom and the commanding generals of the entire Gorgon horde.  Rare in number and strategic geniuses, these orange serpents are feared across the entirety of the Gorgon and Human armies.  Very cool.


As more and more retail toys are based off of movie and television properties, the opportunities to get creative with color pallet gets reduced, but what I love about Boss Fight Studio is that they are really turning up the creativity factor with their color selections.  The orange, white and black all balance themselves off perfectly creating a character that is really intriguing.  Armor and gauntlets are a glossy almost metallic black shining against the more matte finish of the figure itself.

Of course the structure of this figure is just as perfect as every other Gorgon we’ve received to date, and as I get more and more of these I only feel myself loving the format more.  An absolute marvel in engineering and a cool character to boot.



The Colubrida Guard comes with much the same as other Gorgon figures.  Her snake skull helmet is a brighter white and looks very much like the bone structure it’s supposed to mimic.  She has the stone sheath and stone shield as well as a pair of stone swords.  Extra hands and the foot peg finish off her assortment of gear.


The Colubrida Guard is an impressive new entry into the Gorgon Horde, a commander of the snake army and a terrific deco on the figure to boot.  Really great.

Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Amazon Warrior

hacks-amazon-01 hacks-amazon-02

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Due to some of the manufacturing delays there were cases that we actually received repaints of figures before we received the original figures themselves.  In some cases this has created a little bit of a sense of subdued excitement for the originals.  A figure like Leonidas was one of the ones I was really looking forward to, but upon getting the Ultimate Spartan first, the anticipation of that figure was at least somewhat reduced.  


I think the same holds true for the Amazon Warrior.  I remember the excitement of the Kickstarter campaign and how thrilled backers were when the Amazon was unveiled.  We were all greatly looking forward to it and now that we received the Amazon Elite Warrior exclusive (from Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff) first it sort of feels like we’ve gotten this figure already.


But you know what?  Much to my surprise, I still feel like this is something pretty new and exciting.  By changing the skin color and armor hue, the Elite Warrior repaint becomes something pretty different, and I find myself unexpectedly thrilled at this rendition of the Amazon.  Structurally, the figure is the same as the exclusive, though the head sculpt looks as if it might be slightly tweaked.  Her build is slender and extremely well articulated from the ball joint neck to the very nice rocker ankles.  Because she has the sandal feet, those ankle joints do not inhibit her standing on the foot peg either.


The standard Amazon has a much brighter paint scheme, with the bronze/gold armor and brown leather skirt rather than the silver and black.  Ultimately I think I might like the silver/black combination a little better, but the more vibrant shade of silver makes her feel like the “elite” warrior that she is.  Paint deco tattoos are the same as the elite version, too, but the different skin color nicely separates the two and makes them feel like two truly unique versions of each other.  I continue to be exceedingly impressed at how Boss Fight Studio handles female action figures, balancing durability, aesthetics and articulation to near perfection.  Rarely in an action figure line (I’d almost be willing to say never) have females played such a large role, and it’s fantastic to see the figures produces so exceptionally well.

Speaking as someone with two daughters, I love this mentality, and so do my kids.



The Amazon comes with some familiar gear, including the spear and two different length swords.  She has the Spartan helmet with the tail at the back and the same deco shield that came with her Elite counterpart, only in gold trim instead of silver.  Of course accessories are rounded off with two extra hands and the foot peg.


Even though we’ve essentially received this figure before as a store exclusive, I can’t help but find a lot to love with this version as well.  Hopefully there are even more Amazons on the horizon, or if not, I may end up buying a couple more of this one to compliment my Elite and help the Spartans fight against the ever increasing Gorgon Horde.

Check out the video review below!

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To continue the HACKS Week celebration, I worked with Chris at The Full Force to remaster some of the first Kickstarter videos now with some awesome history and a look back at the mythology behind some of these characters.

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