Last chance for G.I. Joe Collectors Club membership – Ends TONIGHT

So it’s March 16th, and for the past several years that’s meant the cut off for signing up for the annual membership to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club.  This year is no different (though next year is looking drastically different).

One major difference, though, is that this year the Collectors Club is offering up Pythona as the incentive figure for signing up!  This is HUGE.  Pythona has been a long in demand figure since her first appearance in the 1987 G.I. Joe animated film and to celebrate the final sign up day, they’ve released some awesome new images of the upcoming figure over on their Facebook page.

I love that you can detach her ponytail to put the hood over her head, and I’m really pleasantly surprised at how effective the figure looks with paint deco representing the raised pattern of her uniform.  The new head, hands, and upper torso definitely help as well.

Check out the images below, and if you want this figure, I strongly recommend joining the Collectors Club!  After 2016 is over, I suspect this figure will be in MAJOR demand and will be very difficult to come by.

4 thoughts on “Last chance for G.I. Joe Collectors Club membership – Ends TONIGHT

  1. Since the collector’s club ends early this year (December 31st, right?) is the cost less before?

  2. Actually,the Club has sent out an email extending the deadline a couple of more days, till Friday March 18th.

  3. No, of course not. Full price for a shorter membership. For all the pity party some folks are having over Fun Pub losing the license, they’re going out showing everyone why others are celebrating them being put out of the picture.

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