Marauder “Gun Runners” reveals test shot of Stedi-Cam Gunner

Okay, I think I’m in love.

Alongside their latest Kickstarter for the Marauder Task Force Valkyries, Marauder “Gun Runners” also included  a great stretch goal for the “stedi-cam gunner” an excellent looking tweaked version of the Marauder Task Force figure with rolled up sleeves, different lower legs, a fantastic new helmet, webgear, and really cool looking new stedi-cam heavy weapon.

Today over on the Marauder Gun Runners Facebook page we get a first look at an early test shot of this set and frankly, it looks amazing.  Even better than I thought it might.  The same fantastic design work that we’ve come to expect from Boss Fight Studio, all working flawlessly within the Marauder customizable figure system.  Really great stuff.  Check out the mirrored images below.

5 thoughts on “Marauder “Gun Runners” reveals test shot of Stedi-Cam Gunner

  1. Yes! Where Hasbro has dropped the ball, Marauder is dunking it! So looking forward to this guy and the Vals.

  2. I’d love to call this a game-changer, but that would be over-stating things. Still it IS an exceptional looking figure coming from an outstanding company and project. They’ve been leading the game for a few years now, and with help from Boss Fight Studios, Marauder has been delivering top-notch 4″ figures…….and let’s emphasize that…….” DELIVERING”.

  3. I can’t wait for this figure (and Recon Ops)! We all know what’s coming this year from Boss Fight Studios Hacks to Marauder Gun Runners MTF line. I haven’t heard about any new releases from Hasbro (except the pending Stiletto). I think Hasbro has conceded the battle or maybe they’re holding back as a courtesy to let Hacks and MTF thrive a little? They’ll need to come up with something pretty revolutionary to compete with the 3rd party kings of 4″ figs.

  4. Is there an exploded view of the MTF figures out there?

    Curious how easy these are to disassemble. Head and at the waist are obvious but the rest?

  5. The Marauder Task Force Facebook group has threads on disassembling the figures, and on swaps that people have done. By all accounts they are not that hard to pull apart, but there are some things to keep in mind with them.

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