GeneralsJoes Reviews 50th Anniversary Sneak Attack 3-Pack

I actually posted these reviews a while ago, but stupid me forgot to announce the reviews out on the main page.

Check out my 50th Anniversary Review Page or the direct links below:

50th-anniversary-dusty (3)

2 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews 50th Anniversary Sneak Attack 3-Pack

  1. I feel the exact same way that you do about Dusty. Jungle Duke is one of my absolute favorite figs ever and this fig is awesome too. There is just something about him. The parts fit well together and the blue just works for me. I liked him so much that I bought two.

  2. You mention Bazooka’s reduced knee articulation due to the reuse of the wave 1 Retaliation Roadblock legs, but forgot to mention he also has no ankle articulation at all. Far worst of a deal breaker IMHO.

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