Incredible G.I. Joe: Battleground art featured on Instagram

I think most of us can agree that by far the best part about the mobile card battle game G.I. Joe: Battleground was the artwork, right?

Well, if you enjoyed that part of the game like I did, you’re going to want to head on over to Jarreau Wimberly’s Instagram page, as he’s revealing his artwork for the game at gorgeous high resolution. Some of these pieces are just spectacular.

There are over 50 of them already, and he’s revealing more every day!

Check out his Instagram Page here and revel in the beauty of your favorite characters in his awesome artistic style.

Thanks to Twitziller for the heads up as always.


2 thoughts on “Incredible G.I. Joe: Battleground art featured on Instagram

  1. HA! Ah man, it’s so cool to see some Spytroops and VvV era stuff in there. Even some of the unique stuff from the 25th style! The big one for me was seeing that Spytroops B.A.T., though. Love that design; always will.

  2. Man I really enjoyed that game. The in-app purchase model kinda spoiled it for us that wouldn’t mind throwing a few bucks at it here n there, but not a fiddy or hundy every other week. Still, hated to see it go. The art was stellar.

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