Toy Fair video from the 90th Toy Fair is a nostalgia atom bomb

Where have these videos been all my life?!

Over in the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook, Jared has posted a few links to some videos on YouTube taking a peek at the Toy Fair events of years past, including the 90th Toy Fair from…  1993!

It is an amazing dance back in time as we see some great mid 90s G.I. Joe product, remember how damn prolific Playmates Toys was back then, and see a bunch of great toys that I have ZERO recollection of.

Seriously that TMNT vehicle that snags the Foot Soldier in the first few minutes is amazing.  Why do I not know what that thing is?

Check out the video below  as well as the Sgt. Savage presentation from 1994 and make sure to poke around that YouTube channel for some more good stuff.

First, I need to know, though… WHAT IS THIS AND WHY DON’T I HAVE IT?


4 thoughts on “Toy Fair video from the 90th Toy Fair is a nostalgia atom bomb

  1. Haha, wow, that Exo-Squad Heavy Attack E-Frame is a blatant rip off of the BattleTech Madcat!

  2. Was that an Aliens Dropship?! Why is this the first I’m hearing anything about this awesomeness?

  3. I don’t believe the dropship ever made it past being a Prototype. Kenner/Hasbro/Galoob did however release a micro machines and action fleet version.
    Toward the end of the line, Exo-Squad contained many Robotech/Battletech Mechs (Even a Valkarie and Invid battle pod were released) these were dual branded and appeared to be the same mold as the actual Matchbox releases, The Mad Cat was brand new but to be produced under that license. It also was never released as far as I know

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