G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary “Silent Strike” in stock at Big Bad Toy Store

I feel safe in saying one of the most anticipated G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary sets for 2015 is the “Silent Strike” set which is slated to come with a stealth Skystriker, a COBRA HISS with their new rail gun system, as well as some great figures including Captain Ace and Sightline himself.

As many will recall, Sightline is named after Gary “Goggles” Head, the mouthpiece of our tight knit G.I. Joe community who unfortunately passed away far too young several months ago.

Along with this, Ace and Sightline are members of the “Wolf Squad” Hasbro’s new (somewhat informal) team concept.

Fans are rampaging Toys “R” Us stores across the country looking for this set, but Big Bad Toy Store has your hook up right now. Click the link below and grab it…save yourself some gas and some trouble.

3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary “Silent Strike” in stock at Big Bad Toy Store

  1. Is the gray Hit n Run considered Wolf Squad? How do we know, seeing as how it’s informal/implied?

  2. He was specifically mentioned during the ComicCon Q & A as being a Wolf Squad member, and I believe he even has a Wolf logo/icon on his uniform

  3. Wow, a lot cheaper than I thought it would be! But MAN, I dunno if I can do any more vehicles. Kinda stocked up on those during the 25th and a little afterward. Love that Orange HISS, though….got a weak spot…for HISS tanks…

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